Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix In 2024

Welcome to the exciting realm of science fiction movies! We have you covered if you are looking for the best Sci-Fi movies on Netflix. Netflix features many intriguing Sci-Fi movies on its platform for the audience. Sci-Fi movies take us to an imaginative world of advanced technology.

These Sci-Fi movies we have listed below will embark you on an exciting journey where the boundaries of possibility are pushed to their limits. From the settings of the movies to the engaging narrative, everything will keep you hooked up.

You can catch up on any movie that you find interesting and add it to your binge-watch list. We will assist you with the plot and feedback from the audience to make it easier for you to select. It’s now time to binge-watch the best ones!

Top 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix To Watch Right Now:

The search of finding the best Sci-Fi movies on Netflix is over. Now no more browsing through many movies and reading their plot to find an interesting watch. Because we have compiled a rundown of the best Sci-Fi movies, you can watch on Netflix below.

1. The Adam Project (2022):

This is your sign if you have heard of The Adam Project and never watched it. The Adam Project is a science fiction drama that follows the story of Adam Reed, a time-travelling fighter.

Adam teams up with his 12-year-old self to save the future. Adam accidentally crash-landed in 2022. Now he is trying to right the wrongs.

You will find this movie both hilarious and action-packed. As Adam and his team are on the journey, they encounter multiple challenges and confront their struggles.

The audience praised the visual effects, action sequences, and performance of the characters. The storyline will keep you engaged from the beginning.

The Adam Project

This movie explores the ideal concept of time travel with a fresh look. If you want to embark on a science fiction adventure, what are you waiting for? The Adam Project is one of the best time-travelling science fiction you will ever watch. The characters also go through a massive emotional change throughout the movie.

2. The Thing (2011):

The adventurous science fiction movies are amazing. But what about a horror science fiction movie? The Thing revolves around an alien on a killing spree.

Kate Lloyd is a paleontologist that joins a team of scientists in Antarctica. The scientists discover an alien buried in ice. But things take a tragic turn when the alien escapes and kills people.

They believe that the alien is dead, but it’s alive and dangerous. The Thing received fantastic reviews from the audience for the unique storyline and performance of the actors.

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You will even find this movie super scary in some scenes. The survival plot is what makes this movie more engaging for the audience.

The Thing 2011

The special effects are spectacular, and there’s also plenty of action. Well, the creature also has extraordinary abilities making it more challenging to defeat it.

The movie is also set in the Antarctic landscape, where the characters are cut off from civilization. And they face this deadly threat with limited resources. Overall, The Thing is thrilling and worth watching!

3. Spectral (2016):

Spectral is an action science fiction movie following the story of soldiers that battle supernatural beings. These supernatural beings have overtaken New York City, and the soldiers are against the battle with the unknown.

These supernatural beings are invisible through the naked eye and can be only visible with the help of a special device.

Spectral is a military thriller with a tint of science fiction aspects. Humans fighting against supernatural beings is exciting to watch. The storyline will keep you engaged.

The audience of Spectral finds this movie promising because of the intriguing plot. While watching Spectral, you will be taken on a thrilling journey where elite soldiers face deadly enemies.

Spectral 2016

The movie also delves deeper into the scientific explanation of the origins of these supernatural beings. Teamwork, sacrifices, suspense, and chilling settings make it a perfect science fiction watch for you. It will offer you a unique blend of military action and supernaturals.

4. Don’t Look Up (2021):

Don’t Looks Up is an ideal comedy science fiction movie that revolves around two low-level astronomers that embark on a journey together.

The two are going on a giant media tour to warn everyone about an approaching comet. The comet will destroy the planet Earth.

Their whole journey is thrilling and hilarious to watch. The movie was nominated for multiple accolades and became the second-most-watched movie on Netflix.

That’s quite an achievement. DiCaprio and Lawrence steal the spotlight through their Oscar-worthy performance.

Dont Look Up 2021

Don’t Look Up is an incredible movie and has been praised by the spectators for the storyline and performance of the characters. This comedic movie adds a fresh twist to the concept of climate disaster.

5. Awake (2021):

Picture a scenario where humans are unable to sleep at all. Sounds horrifying, right? When a human is deprived of sleep for extended periods, they start experiencing madness.

Awake is kind of related to that. The movie tells the story of a mysterious catastrophe that wipes out all electronics and takes away everyone’s ability to sleep.

No matter what they do, they can’t sleep. Scientists are racing against the clock to find a cure for this insomnia that can eliminate the human race.

But there’s a twist. Jill, a former soldier, discovers that he daughter can sleep. Jill has to decide if she needs to save her daughter or sacrifice everything to save the human race.

Awake 2021

The movie is quite fast-paced from the beginning. Awake’s cast members have also been applauded by the audience for their realistic performance. Watching humans become mad because of lack of sleep is something different.

The lead character’s exceptional acting skills are so immersive that you sometimes empathize with her and feel you’re going through every challenge alongside her. She is a struggling mother, trying to meet ends and keep her daughter safe.

6. Spiderhead (2022):

If you love Chris Hemsworth, you will probably love his appearance as Steve in Spiderhead. This science fiction movie follows the story of inmates in a luxurious prison. But with luxury, they participate in clinical experiments that involve mind-altering drugs.

The prisoners are volunteering to reduce their sentence time. Adding to the plot’s appeal is an intriguing mystery that further captivates the audience.

The movie is great and exciting to watch. The prisoners are also in a twisted web of Spiderhead’s experiments.

Spiderhead 2022

Spiderhead is a perfect blend of suspense, comedy, and psychological drama. There are more amazing characters apart from Chris Hemsworth that gave out their best performances. The movie also delves deeper into the personal challenges of the characters.

7. Oxygen (2021):

Imagine being stuck in a cryogenic chamber without any explanation. Oxygen follows the story of a woman that wakes up and finds herself in a cryogenic chamber without any recollection of how she got there. She must now find a way to get out of it before running out of oxygen.

She tries to figure out the mystery behind her decision to be here. But her memory isn’t helpful. The oxygen unit levels are falling rapidly, making it more suspenseful.

She is assisted by an advanced AI named M.I.L.O that refuses to open the unit without the access code.


She suffers from memory loss and needs to figure out the code and what happened while racing against the clock.

The lead character piece together the sequence of events and history that led her to the current situation with multiple flashbacks. The movie builds suspense from the start. Oxygen is a perfect movie that delivers a great thriller and Sci-Fi story.

8. I Am Mother (2019):

If you’re a die-hard science fiction enthusiast or just starting to explore the genre, this movie will keep you intrigued.

The movie follows the story of a young girl ‘Daughter’ in a post-apocalyptic bunker. She’s being raised by ‘Mother’. But Mother is a robot helping the repopulation of Earth.

Mother eliminates any contact of Daughter from the outside world by saying it’s contaminated. But she’s always curious.

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She then starts to question everything after meeting another human being. The plot and mystery are quite engaging to watch. We highly recommend you watch this movie.

I-Am Mother 2019

The narrative has a lot of depth, and the suspense will keep you guessing. A stranger threatens the Mother and Daughter’s unique bond. This is your next best Sci-Fi movie to watch on Netflix.

9. The Mist (2007):

The Mist is a Sci-Fi horror thriller following the narrative of a father and son trapped inside the supermarket and other folks in the town.

A mysterious mist takes over the whole neighborhood and there are bloodthirsty creatures who kill anyone that’s coming in their path. The folks now have to battle against the unknown creatures to survive and save their loved ones.

This movie also explores what an ordinary person will do under extraordinary conditions. The Mist is a frightening experience. The movie is dark and intense, keeping you wondering until the end.

Another engaging thing is that anything can happen at any time with the folks trying to survive. If you love Sci-Fi with a blend of horror genres, then The Mist is a must-see.

The Mist 2007

10. Stowaway (2021):

Stowaway follows the story of three crew members heading toward Mars who face an unexpected challenge on their journey. An uninvited and mysterious passenger jeopardizes their life.

The crew faces unplanned failures and other challenges while looking out for the unplanned passenger. Stowaway also features edge-of-the-seat kind of moments. The performance of the characters is also remarkable.

Stowaway 2021


These best Sci-Fi movies on Netflix offer the audience a great watching experience with unique storylines and breathtaking visuals. The movies can transport the audience into distant galaxies. The genre has also continuously pushed the boundaries of special effects.

Well, the iconic storyline and characters have kept all of us intrigued. Whatever you select to watch from the above recommendations, it will be worth your time. Need more suggestions like this? Feel free to keep in touch with us for more content like this in the future.

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