Snapchat Streak Lost: How to Get it Back in 2024?

Want To Get Your Streak Back

Over the years, Snapchat streaks also known as Snapstreaks, have become an integral part of the Snapchat experience. Starting a streak and maintaining it, requires you to engage with your friend at least once every 24 hours. The streak vanishes if you fail to send a new Snap within 24 hours since the last Snap. … Read more

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram?

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram

The block button comes in handy if someone is giving you a hard time on Instagram or in real life. Blocking someone indeed is an important tool against harassment and bullying. However, we also sometimes block our friends over petty fights and issues. And more often than none, a change of heart might make us … Read more

10 Most Expensive Cars In The World 2024

10 Most Expensive Cars In The World

An expensive car is more than a means to go to your work from home. It is a status symbol. It is the embodiment of your success riding on four wheels. And it has been so ever since Karl Benz rolled out his ‘Motorwagen’ for the first time in 1885. A lot has changed since … Read more

6 Ways To Watch ABC Without Cable

How To Stream ABC Without Cable

If you want to know how to watch ABC without a cable connection, this guide has all the answers. ABC, short for American Broadcasting Company, is one of the oldest television networks in the country. It’s a complete TV channel where every section of viewers can find something to watch – soap operas, game shows, reality … Read more

Spotify Keeps Pausing – Here’s How to Fix it

Spotify Keeps Pausing Here's How to Fix it

Like the hundreds of thousands of Play Store and App Store apps, Spotify isn’t perfect. Bugs and glitches do persist in the app. Now, the developers behind Spotify are doing a great job by releasing constant updates with fewer glitches. But Spotify keeps pausing and crashing. Many things are not under the developers’ control, which … Read more