Valve Index vs. Oculus Quest 2- Which VR Headset is Best?

To know the best VR technology, you must compare Valve Index Vs. Oculus Quest 2 as these technologies have made a greater achievement. If you want a VR headset, there could not be a better time than today. The graphics are of the best quality, and several popular games give a real-life experience, including the care of minor details.

But you can only get this experience with the right VR headset, and to find the right headset, we need to make a comparison. That is why we will compare the Valve Index vs. Oculus Quest 2.

These two are different benchmark VR headsets with their advantages and disadvantages. The Oculus Quest was launched in 2001 by Facebook and Valve, a company that runs Steam, a successful PC software platform. Both companies are at the top of their games. So, it’s clear that their headset will not be outdated anytime soon. So let’s find out more about them.

Which VR Headset Is Better? Valve Index or Oculus Quest 2

Valve Index VS Oculus Quest 2: Which One Should You Buy?

The battle between these two headsets is tough. To find out the brilliant quality headset, we must compare them according to their features and price. We have analyzed them at different standard features to help you search for the best headset. So without wasting time further, let’s dive in.

1. Design:

If you ask us, the Oculus Quest 2 headset is a step in the direction of a futuristic VR headset. With it, you get ultimate freedom while playing games and watching videos. In it, you don’t have to plug a cable into the PC. It is completely wireless and can work as a standalone VR headset using your smartphone.

VR Design

Due to it being lightweight, you can wear it for a longer duration without getting tired. The headset also keeps safety in mind, so it comes with an easy-to-fit glass spacer that enables the specs user to use it freely without damaging or scratching the glasses.

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Plus, its minimalist design gives it a classy look. If you want, you can buy an elite version strap to play games, but you must pay the additional cost. The Valve Index looks like a superior gadget due to its luxurious look. In it, you get two straps.

The first is used to lighten or loosen the headset, while the second is used for moving the lens closer or farther. Its controller may look similar to Oculus Quest two, but they are designed to track the movement of each finger. 

Unfortunately, the games that can utilize this feature are very few. Nevertheless, it is a hassle to use it because you must have a gaming PC or require software to function properly. Additionally, it requires quite a large physical base station. The most exclusive function of its design is motion tracking.

Winner: Oculus Quest 2

2. Specification:

While comparing the specs, we find an interesting fact: the cheaper Oculus Quest 2 beats the higher-end Valve Index on resolution. Oculus offers 1832 X1920 resolution per eye on the LCD panel, whereas the Valve Index has 1440X1600 resolution per eye also on the LCD panel. 

VR specifications

Even if the difference is minute, we are not expecting the Valve index’s VR to provide less resolution.

Both of them do not touch the mark on comparing the Latest VR headset like PSVR that comes on an OLED panel through which gamers experience better contrast ratio and precise color. However, the resolution is the only place where Oculus wins.

On another important aspect like a field of view which is far more important for gamers, the Valve Index has offered 130 degrees, far greater than Oculus’s 89 degrees. 

The refresh rate for the Oculus and the Valve Index is the same for the display pictures with the speed of 120 Hz, but the Valve index’s storage space is double that of the Oculus. You will get 12GB storage on the index while only 6 GB on the Oculus.

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Winner: Valve Index

3. Price:

There is no comparison between the two when it comes to price. The Oculus is winning over the index by a large margin. You can get the Oculus for only $299. You can upgrade to another version with 125GB for 399 dollars if you want bigger storage.

VR Price

On the other hand, to get the Valve Index, you must spend a minimum of $999.99. This price will certainly make a dent in your pocket. The user gets a headset, controller, and base station, but is it worth the price? We certainly found it unnecessarily high.

Winner: Oculus Quest 2

4. Games Offered:

Valve Index uses external hardware for working, so you can find several PCVR games here. The only limitation is the number of games you have plugged into it. You can use almost all the VR games if your device can support them.

VR games

In contrast, Oculus quest provides games from the Oculus store so that you can get excess only to those available in the store. Even though many exclusive games are available, it means only some parts or sequels will be exclusively available. But still, there are plenty of popular options like Tales from the Galaxy Edges on this platform.

Winner: Valve Index

5. Final Verdict:

As you can see, both VR headsets have their advantages. Oculus Quest 2 is a great option for a comfortable gaming experience on a friendly budget. But if the price is not a deciding factor for you, a Valve headset gives a quality gaming experience that is best available in the market.

The overall specs of the Valve Index are far more impressive. 

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The individual finger sensors and motion tracking features enhance the gaming experience ten times more than the normal headset but can be used only in a few. Also, It may be a hassle to set up, but its advantage exceeds the disadvantage of the index except for its unnecessarily high price range.

However, considering the overall factor, that does not mean Oculus is lacking. Oculus is a far better option considering its function, design, and cost. But remember, with it, you get a Facebook, and no, you don’t have a choice. You are getting it regardless of whether you want it or not. You can delete it if you hate it, but simultaneously you will lose many great features. If these things do not differentiate you from us, go with Oculus quest-2.

Winner: Oculus Quest 2


Overall, both the VR headsets in “Valve Index VS Oculus Quest 2” are great options. We suggest you go with a VR headset that suits your needs. Check the Oculus link spec and compatible graphic card before buying.

If you are considering building a luxurious gaming room with massive storage and various accessories. In that case, you should consider a Valve Index, but if you want a valve-for-money headset to enjoy gaming, go with Quest 2.

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