Do Airtags Work Inside Luggage?

Travelers constantly fear their luggage being misplaced or stolen in different airports. Especially when traveling through extremely crowded airports, you might be worried until you receive your luggage sent to the flight. Apple Airtags are such tracking devices that help you locate lost stuff. But before that, we need to know, “Do Airtags Work Inside Luggage?”

If you are off for a vacation to a different place, you will want to know whether or not your bag was loaded into the aircraft. This tracking is easy by using an Airtag Inside your Luggage. You will have wondered if these devices work if kept inside the luggage. The answer is Yes! Let us look into how you can use Airtags for your luggage during travel.

Does Airtags Work Inside Luggage?

Yes! Apple Airtags Work Inside Luggage perfectly. If you’re flying, it’s the best place to put them. AirTags can send a Bluetooth signal that nearby devices can detect in the Find My network in an airport with so many Apple devices. You can get one Airtag for $29 or a pack of four for $90 if you travel with your whole family.

Airtags Work In Luggage

Even the Federal Aviation Administration has declared that carrying an AirTag in your luggage is acceptable and does not pose a risk to the airline’s safety measures. These devices contain only 0.1 grams of Lithium, below the FAA limit of 0.3 grams.

Because of their small size and durability, they are ideal for travel. It can also be hidden inside your luggage, as Airtags Work Inside Luggage, and can be tracked, giving you peace of mind that you will always be able to locate it in case your bag gets lost.

Airtags Inside Or Outside Luggage?

Airtags Work inside Luggage well, and it’s best to put these devices inside your luggage to keep it safe. It may be risky to place your Apple AirTag outside your luggage because it may be accidentally detached during baggage handling at the airport.

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Luggage can suffer from the tag-off condition, where the bag tag detaches while loading and unloading. Storing your Airtag inside the bag will help you locate your baggage safely.

Moreover, placing these tracking devices inside your luggage will prevent them from being stolen by anyone else. Also, you need not worry about them functioning properly, as they are safely kept inside your bag.

Airtags Inside Or Outside Luggage

Although these small devices do not have any holes or attachments, Apple offers a variety of accessories. Loops, keys, rings, and cases are available for keeping Airtags. They can be purchased separately along with these Airtags to improve their handling. However, you must be careful about your Airtag not getting detached from these accessories.

Airtags Inside And Outside Working

Using Airtags To Track Your Luggage:

Airtags works perfectly on iPhones. The location of your item is transferred, via Bluetooth to the Apple cloud. Airtags can be found using the “Find My” app, which is fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem, and can also be used with Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

Precision Finding is a feature that applies to AirTags. Using Ultra Wideband technology, the Precision Finding feature can pinpoint the exact location of an AirTag if it is nearby.

Using Airtags To Track Your Luggage

As millions of Airtags are registered on the Find My network, you can turn on the ‘Lost Mode’ on your device. This will notify you when your lost item appears in the Find My network range.

You also need to know that Airtags will not give you the precise location of your item when the item is continuously moving. For example, you will not get precise locations if your bag is in transit or in the bag handling section. When the item becomes stationary, you will receive the exact location of the baggage on the Find My map.

Setting Up And Connecting Your Airtags:

To have Airtags Work Inside Luggage perfectly, you must finish the initial setup and connection. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Enable Bluetooth and Location in your iPhone or whichever device you will be using.
  2. Enable the Find My app and also ensure that there is a proper internet connection. All iPhones come with the App installed by default.
  3. Remove the Silver disk at the back of the Airtag, remove the plastic inside, and keep it near your phone.
Setting Up And Connecting Your Airtags

3. Follow the steps on your Phone’s screen to connect the Airtag. You must also set an appropriate name and icon for your tracker.

Choose An Emoji

By naming the Airtag, the connection and setup process gets completed.

Locating Your Lost Luggage:

In the event of a lost bag, you need to open the Find My app, go to the Items section, and choose the Airtag’s name tagged with your luggage. Your phone will show you options for tracking once you give your AirTag a name. You can see the AirTag on the map and find directions to reach your item.

Locating Your Lost Luggage

You can click on the ‘Find’ option to get the exact location of your baggage or any other lost item you are tracking. However, if none of these steps work, you can put the Airtag in Lost Mode.

If Lost Mode is enabled, you will be notified each time your AirTag is within range of your iPhone or when the Find My network updates its location. If someone finds a lost AirTag, they can tap it with an iPhone to go to a website where the owner’s phone number is displayed.

If your baggage is not in the Find My network range, you will receive a notification that indicates the last location of your item, along with the time and direction.

Locating Your Lost Luggage Using Airtags

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there other alternatives for Airtags, for Android users?

Though Airtags do not work on Android devices, similar tracking devices can be an alternative. Tile Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags are common alternatives for Airtags.

Does Precision Finding work in all countries?

No. Some countries do not support the Ultra Wideband facility. Airtag Precision Finding feature will not work in such regions.


During the occasion baggage chaos, the Apple AirTag can be very helpful for knowing the general location of your luggage and for all of your subsequent travels. Since Airtags Work Inside Luggage, you can easily locate misplaced or lost pieces of baggage by using this Bluetooth tracker. Moreover, it even detects the most precise location of your item.

In this article, we discussed whether Airtags Work Inside Luggage. We have also covered the details about how you must use Airtags for baggage and how you can use the connected tracker to find your item. We hope this article was informative for you. You can comment with any queries or suggestions regarding this topic!

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