Can Airtags Hear You?

AirTags have become a popular accessory for Apple users, allowing them to track their belongings easily. These small, Bluetooth-enabled devices are designed to be attached to items such as keys, bags, and wallets and use a combination of GPS and nearby Apple devices to pinpoint their location.

However, as with any new technology, questions about their capabilities and privacy implications have arisen. One such question that many users have asked is, “Can AirTags hear you?”

In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and provide some insight into the privacy concerns surrounding AirTags.

What Are Apple Airtags?

Apple Airtags help you to track items anywhere in the world, considering the great network of nearly a billion iOS users. You can use them to keep track of your keys, luggage, musical instruments, tools, and even your skateboard or bicycle. Inside this little device, sensors, Bluetooth, ultra-wideband (UWB), a watch battery, and a little circuitry protect your belongings.

What Are Apple Airtags

If you have an iPhone 11 or later, you can use the “Find My” app to find your tagged items. You can get precise directions as you get closer to them until you find your lost item.

By simply holding an Airtag near your iPhone, you can connect it to your device. They can track almost anything that can get displaced by you. For instance, keys are most likely to be lost. You can put an Airtag on them and get to know where you have misplaced them by simply going to the Find My App or asking Siri.

Apple Airtags

Moreover, these devices cannot wear out even in the harshest environments.

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Can Airtags Hear You?

No, Airtags cannot hear you because they are tracking devices. Although they have microphones and speakers within their bodies, they will never listen to your conversations or record them.

However, they can produce sounds. They can use Bluetooth signals to pinpoint lost items on the ‘Find My’ App and locate lost items. They are not designed to record other audio. Apple has taken adequate security measures to prevent the misuse of Airtags in any way.

Can Airtags Hear You

Along with the benefit of tracking lost items, Airtags have their fair share of demerits. Since this device uses Bluetooth signals, you can use them only in those areas within your Smartphone range. This is the main limitation because Airtags do not have GPS facilities.

Can Airtags Make Sounds?

Yes. Airtags can make Four different sounds under various conditions to help you out.

Can Airtags Make Sounds

Apple Support, on YouTube, released a video that explained the four different sounds these Airtags can make in different situations. Apart from our explanation regarding the sounds, we highly recommend you watch this video.

The various sounds made by Airtags are:

  1. Welcome and Battery Connected Sound – You will hear this sound when you complete the device’s initial setup by connecting your iOS device with the Airtag and when the battery connection is enabled.
  2. Setup Completion Sound – When the entire set-up of the Airtag is done, and it is good to be used perfectly, you hear this sound.
  3. Find My Sound – You will repeatedly hear this sound when locating a lost item or just the Airtag itself, using the Find My App. Repetition of the same sound will help you locate the lost item faster.
  4. Battery Replace Sound – You will hear this sound when you replace the Airtag battery with a new one and when it is connected properly.
About This Airtag

The iPhone you have used to connect with the Airtag will have a file that stores the audio files containing the above sounds that play in different situations. However, note that Apple can update the sounds anytime with a device update. This is why you must be aware of the sounds that exist beforehand.

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Benefits Of The Airtag Sounds:

The Airtag uses only sounds to communicate with you. You can know what the tracker is trying to tell you by rightly recognizing each sound. These sounds are helpful, from battery and device connection status to track an item that is lost.

You can now also know the battery status and other information regarding the tracker on your device that has been connected to it. However, if you have not connected and completed the set-up of the Airtag with your iPhone, you will be unable to hear any sounds, and it will simply not function.

Can Airtags Record You?

According to the technical specifications regarding the company’s Bluetooth Tracker, Apple has mentioned that this device cannot record sounds. This is because it does not contain an in-built microphone.

Recording sounds are not possible without a microphone. Hence, you must worry about your Airtag listening to or recording your conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Airtag make any sudden noises?

To alert people close by, any AirTag isolated for a while from its user will emit a sound when it’s moved. Be it yours or someone else’s, you can use this sound to track the device.

What is the cost of an Airtag?

The Apple-made Bluetooth Tracker costs you $29 each. You can buy it as a single Airtag or as a pack of 4 Airtags.


The Airtag is a small, button-shaped Bluetooth tracking device introduced by Apple. It is extremely helpful when it comes to locating anything that you can ever think of misplacing. From house and vehicle keys to wallets, instruments, and even luggage, you can use your Airtags to locate anything and everything.

In this article, we discussed everything about this tracking device and answered the commonly asked question “Can Airtags Hear You.” We hope your doubts have been cleared regarding this. We would love to know your views or further queries in the comments!!

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