10 Best Shows on Amazon Prime Right Now

Step into the domain of riveting, narrating, and enthralling characters with the best shows on Amazon Prime. This streaming platform offers an impressive selection of top-tier shows that will captivate you, including heart-pounding thrillers, thought-provoking dramas, and jaw-dropping comedies.

Explore the best Amazon Prime shows and lose yourself in gripping narratives and unforgettable performances. Experience the haunting alternate history where the Axis powers reign supreme, or delve into the complex lives of New York’s stand-up comedians!

10 Best Shows On Amazon Prime To Watch Right Now:

These are only a few hints of the treasure trove waiting for you, including many other gems ready to captivate and entertain you. Prepare yourself for a remarkable excursion through the top 10 shows on Amazon Prime with unrivaled narrating and convincing characters rule.

1. Lore (2017):

Lore 2017
  • Seasons- 2 
  • Episodes- 12 
  • Cast- Robert Patrick, Colm Feore, Adam Goldberg, Holland Roden, and Campbell Scott 
  • Genre- Horror, drama, thriller, and historical documentary

An anthology series called “Lore” takes viewers on a terrifying journey into the world of scary stories from real life and historical events with a touch of the supernatural. This horror show delves into a different folklore, myth, or paranormal occurrence in each episode, shedding light on its origins, cultural impact, and terrifying experiences.

From spooky places to werewolves, the Salem witch preliminaries to the starting points of vampires, “Legend” dives into the most obscure corners of history and digs into the creepy stories that have enraptured individuals’ minds for ages.

The show blurs the line between fact and fiction by depicting these eerie tales vividly through expert interviews, reenactments, and narration.

As the series unfurls, watchers are taken on a grotesque and fascinating excursion, experiencing spine-chilling records and revealing the secret layers of our aggregate feelings of dread.

” The power of storytelling to shape our beliefs and cultures is the subject of “Lore,” an investigation into the human fascination with the unknown.

2. Sneaky Pete (2015):

Sneaky Pete 2015
  • Seasons- 3
  • Episodes- 30
  • Cast- Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Shane McRae, and Libe Barer 
  • Genre- Crime Drama 

“Sneaky Pete” follows the enrapturing story of Marius Josipovic, a gifted scalawag who expects the character of his previous fellow prisoner, Pete Murphy, upon his delivery from jail.

Marius enters Pete’s estranged family, the Bernhardts, after fleeing a dangerous gangster. There, he must deal with the difficulties of maintaining his deception and confronting his troubled past.

Marius discovers Pete’s family’s bail bond business as he adjusts to his new identity, providing him with the ideal cover for his illegal activities. Notwithstanding, he rapidly winds up snaring in the Bernhardt family’s confounded elements, including their authority, Audrey, and her unpredictable child, Vince.

As he engages in high-stakes scams and tries to shield the Bernhardts from the dangers he faced in the past, Marius becomes increasingly ingrained in their lives.

Marius must use his cleverness and quick thinking to outwit not only the dangerous gangster he escaped but also law enforcement and his conscience as his ruse becomes increasingly precarious.

3. Good Omens:

Good Omens
  • Seasons- 1
  • Episodes- 6
  • Cast- Michael Sheen, David Tennant, Jon Hamm, Frances McDormand, and Miranda Richardson
  • Genre- Fantasy- comedy series.

“Good Omens” is a comedic dream TV series in light of the 1990 novel of a similar name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The television series’ main characters are Aziraphale, an angel, and Crowley, a demon. Over their centuries together on Earth, they have formed an unlikely friendship.

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They band together to stop terrible things from happening when they learn that the Antichrist is about to bring about the Apocalypse and the world’s end.

Together, Aziraphale and Crowley navigate the complexities of Heaven and Hell, interact with various supernatural beings, and come across eccentric human characters whose fates are unknowingly intertwined.

En route, they face difficulties, make startling unions, and go up against their ethical problems. “Good Omens” takes viewers on a wild and whimsical adventure full of humor, wit, and a combination of mythology and religious satire.

The series investigates companionship, freedom of thought, and the force of mankind’s decisions in a universe represented by divine powers.

The stellar ensemble cast of “Good Omens” includes Michael Sheen as Aziraphale and David Tennant as Crowley, whose charismatic roles stand out.

The series got basic approval for its cunning composition, sharp exchange, and dedicated transformation of the cherished book. It is a great and strange investigation of the fight between great and evil with the wind.

4. The Man In The High Castle (2015):

The Man in the High Castle 2015
  • Seasons- 4
  • Episodes- 40 
  • Cast- Alexa Davalos, Rufus Sewell, Luke Kleintank, DJ Qualls, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Joel de la Fuente 
  • Genre-  Alternate History 

“The Man in the High Castle” is a television series based on the 1962 novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick.

It presents an alternate history scenario in which the Axis powers—Germany and Japan—emerged victorious in World War II, resulting in the division of the United States into the Greater Nazi Reich and the Japanese Pacific States.

The series explores the lives of various characters as they navigate this dystopian reality and grapple with the oppressive regimes ruling over them.

The plot revolves around a mysterious film reel that depicts an alternate reality where the Allies won the war, sparking resistance movements and conspiracies among the characters.

Viewers follow the journeys of characters such as Juliana Crain, a woman caught between the resistance and the Japanese authorities, Joe Blake, a double agent working for the Nazis, and John Smith, a high-ranking Nazi official with a secret past.

As the series unfolds, alliances are formed, secrets are revealed, and a quest for truth and freedom takes shape.

“The Man in the High Castle” is known for its atmospheric setting, thought-provoking exploration of the consequences of historical events, and examination of power, loyalty, and the human spirit in the face of oppression.

The series spans four seasons and received praise for its compelling narrative, strong performances, and its portrayal of a world both hauntingly familiar and disturbingly altered.

5. The Underground Railroad (2021):

The Underground Railroad 2021
  • Seasons- 1
  • Episodes- 10
  • Cast- Thuso Mbedu, Chase W. Dillon, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Pierre, and William Jackson Harper 
  • Genre- Historical drama series

“The Underground Railroad” is a TV series in light of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of a similar name by Colson Whitehead. The show reimagines the Underground Railroad as a real-life underground railroad that allowed enslaved people in the United States of America to escape to freedom in the 19th century.

The story principally follows Cora Randall, a youthful oppressed lady on a Georgia estate, as she leaves on a misleading excursion to track down the opportunity. The harrowing realities of slavery and the perseverance of those who sought freedom are brought to light as Cora meets various characters and experiences.

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The series investigates subjects of race, mistreatment, and the quest for opportunity, intertwined with supernatural authenticity components. It delves into the intricacies of human relationships, the barbarism of slavery, and the bravery and sacrifice required by those seeking betterment.

6. Jack Ryan (2018):

Jack Ryan 2018
  • Seasons- 3
  • Episodes- 24
  • Cast- John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce, Abbie Cornish, Ali Suliman, Dina Shihabi 
  • Genre- Political Thriller 

“Jack Ryan” is a television series based on the character Jack Ryan created by Tom Clancy. The series follows the titular character, Jack Ryan, as he transitions from a desk-bound CIA analyst to a field operative, tackling various threats to national security.

Jack Ryan, played by John Krasinski, finds himself thrust into a world of international espionage and terrorism. Throughout the series, Ryan uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy that poses a significant threat to the United States and the world. As he investigates, he must navigate dangerous situations, outsmart adversaries, and confront his demons.

The series combines action, suspense, and political intrigue as Jack Ryan and his team race against time to prevent catastrophic events. They delve into high-stakes missions, uncover hidden agendas, and expose dangerous networks while working closely with intelligence agencies and operatives worldwide.

7. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017):

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 2017
  • Seasons- 4 
  • Episodes- 38 
  • Cast- Rachel Brosnahan, Alex Borstein, Michael Zegen, Marin Hinkle, and Tony Shalhoub 
  • Genre- Comedy Drama 

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” is a TV series made by Amy Sherman-Palladino. The story of Miriam “Midge” Maisel, a Jewish housewife in New York City, is told in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Rachel Brosnahan portrays Midge, who lives perfectly with her husband and two children. Conversely, Midge discovers an unanticipated talent for stand-up comedy when her husband abruptly divorces her. She pursues a career in comedy, defying societal expectations and facing the challenges of a male-dominated industry, inspired by her newfound passion.

As Midge digs into the universe of stand-up satire, she experiences different comedic characters, explores individual connections, and endeavors to influence media outlets. The show also explores family dynamics, gender roles, and the pursuit of dreams in a conservative era alongside her journey.

8. Freaks and Geeks (1999):

Freaks and Geeks 1999
  • Seasons- 1
  • Episodes- 18 
  • Cast- Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, James Franco, and Seth Rogen 
  • Genre- Comedy Drama  

“Freaks and Geeks” is a TV series that broadcasted in 1999. The show follows the lives of a group of teenagers who belong to two distinct social groups. It is set in a suburban Michigan high school in the early 1980s. The “geeks” and “freaks.”

The “monstrosities” are a gathering of insubordinate and non-conventionalist understudies, while the “nerds” are the socially abnormal and scholastically engaged kids. As the characters navigate high school, relationships, peer pressure, and societal expectations, the series explores the ups and downs of adolescence.

The show’s primary hero is Lindsay Weir, played by Linda Cardellini, who changes from being a straight-An understudy to spending time with the “freaks” and scrutinizing her character and future. Sam Weir, played by John Francis Daley as Lindsay’s younger brother, and his group of geeky friends face their challenges and adventures.

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9. Daisy Jones And The Six (2023):

Daisy Jones and the Six 2023
  • Seasons- 1 
  • Episodes- 10 
  • Cast- Riley Keough, Sam Claflin, Camila Morrone, Will Harrison, and Suki Waterhouse
  • Genre- Historical Fiction 

The story is set in the 1970s and revolves around the rise and eventual breakup of a fictional rock band, Daisy Jones & The Six. The book is written in an interview-style format, with various characters recounting their experiences, memories, and perspectives on the band’s journey.

The narrative explores the individual backgrounds and personalities of the band members, particularly Daisy Jones, a captivating and enigmatic singer, and Billy Dunne, the charismatic frontman of The Six.

It delves into their creative collaboration, the intense dynamics within the band, their struggles with fame, and the personal and professional choices that ultimately lead to their split.

Through its immersive storytelling, “Daisy Jones & The Six” captures the essence of the 1970s music scene, portraying the era’s sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll culture. It delves into themes of creativity, ambition, love, and the challenges of artistic collaboration.

10. Downton Abbey (2010):

Downton Abbey 2010
  • Seasons- 6
  • Episodes- 52 
  • Cast- Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern, Maggie Smith, and Michelle Dockery 
  • Genre- Period Drama

“Downton Abbey” is a British historical drama television series that premiered in 2010. The series is set in the early 20th century and follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants, residing in the fictional estate of Downton Abbey in Yorkshire, England.

“Downton Abbey” explores the dynamics of the Crawley family, headed by the Earl and Countess of Grantham, Robert and Cora Crawley, and their three daughters, Lady Mary, Lady Edith, and Lady Sybil.

The show delves into the intricate relationships between the family members, their domestic staff, and the evolving social landscape of the time.

The series examines themes of love, duty, class divisions, and societal changes as the characters navigate historical events like the sinking of the Titanic, World War I, the Roaring Twenties, and beyond.

It showcases the challenges the Crawleys and their staff face, shedding light on the contrasting experiences of the upstairs and downstairs worlds.


Thanks to the best shows on Amazon Prime and the extensive collection of extraordinary ranges, you will never run out of captivating content. This streaming platform has something for everyone, whether you like funny comedy, heartfelt drama, or thrilling suspense. Prepare to be transported into immersive worlds where remarkable performances and intricate narratives keep you riveted.

With the 10 best shows on Amazon Prime in 2023, anticipate your disclosure, prepared to spellbind, engage, and keep you stuck to your screen. Prepare to be taken on a journey into a world of exceptional television that will leave you wanting more, only available on Amazon Prime.

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