10 Best Action Shows On Netflix 2024

Brace yourself for explosive thrills and adrenaline-filled spills with this action series. We have compiled a rundown of the top-notch and best action shows on Netflix. The streaming platform is offering a range of intriguing shows to the audience. The kind of action shows that will keep you hooked.

Does it happen with you when you watch a particular movie you wish there should have been more story? These best action shows on Netflix will provide you with an in-depth storyline and much action. Our rundown includes both short and long series according to your preference.

From action-packed adventures to award-winning action series, Netflix has something for everyone. No need to keep browsing to find heart-pumping thrills and intense fighting scenes in an action series. We have covered you with the most thrilling action shows of all time.

Top 10 Best Action Shows On Netflix To Watch:

In this rundown, we will talk about the narrative and action elements of these best action series on Netflix. You will better understand the series narrative as an outcome of this. This will hopefully help you narrow down the ones you want to watch.

1. Money Heist:

Undoubtedly, Money Heist stands out as one of the best action shows on Netflix. If you haven’t had the chance to watch these series yet, now is the perfect opportunity to get up to speed. The widespread enthusiasm for Money Heist among the spectators is undeniable and truly lives up to the hype.

Money Heist follows the story of mastermind ‘The Professor’ and his team as they attempt to pull out the biggest heist in history, driven by their willingness to risk it all. With nothing to risk and nowhere to go, they risk their lives on this mission. The group of thieves in the series takes hostages as their mastermind plan.

The episodes show a brutal confrontation between the authorities and the thieves. The thieves lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain to print billions of euros. There are explosions, hand-to-hand combat, intense gun battle, and loss of life. Money Heist is the ideal and highly recommendable action show on Netflix.

Money Heist

This series will keep you thoroughly entertained, and there’s something always going on. The characters are highly likable. Each character has a heart-touching backstory that has led them to their current situation. Lastly, the heist’s outcome is either winning and living or losing and dying. Watching Money Heist will be worth your time!

2. Sweet Tooth:

Sweet Tooth revolves around a half-human and half-deer, Gus, in a post-apocalyptic world. The boy is on an adventure to look for a new beginning with the help of a gruff protector. Sweet Tooth is set in a fictional world where a virus has killed almost most of the human population, leaving newborn babies as hybrids.

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Gus lost his father and is not on a journey to find his mother. He faces a lot of challenges with action on his journey. Gus and his friends are having an entertaining, dangerous, action-packed adventure in the series. There’s a lot of action and thrill in every episode. Sweet Tooth also has amazing character development keeping the audience engaged.

Sweet Tooth

Some people want to kill the hybrids, and Gus is in danger of losing his life. The intense and captivating action scenes keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. Sweet Tooth features heart-pounding chases through dense forests and deadly encounters with enemies. You will even find this series emotional at some point.

3. My Name:

My Name is one of the best action series on Netflix’s streaming platform. If you want to watch intense combat scenes, then ‘My Name’ is your ideal option. The series revolves around a revenge-driven woman searching for her father’s murderer.

In doing so, she puts her truth in a crime lord and joins the police force. She acts as a mole between the authorities and joins the criminal gang. On her journey, she discovers harsh truths that change her life forever. My Name is thrilling since the first episode. The female lead character’s performance and fighting skills add up to the show’s intrigue.

My Name

This series is not only filled with action sequences but emotions too. At some point, you will feel bad for the lead character too.  This Netflix show is highly recommended if you love watching a strong female lead with a blend of action and mystery. The thrilling combat, compelling storytelling, and high-stakes missions ‘My Name’ covered everything!

4. Alice In Borderland:

Alice in Borderland is not a fairytale watch but an action-packed thriller show. The series features an obsessed gamer, Arisu, and his life-and-death adventure. Arisu and his friends find themselves in an unfamiliar rendition of Tokyo, where nearly all human beings have vanished.

Now he and his friends must compete in a deadly game to stay alive. If they fail to participate, a laser from the sky immediately kills them. They have no choice but to play and survive. The series features a variety of games that captivate the audience as they eagerly anticipate which participants will manage to survive. The bonds between the characters are also tested in the show.

Alice In Borderland

5. Cobra Kai:

If we are talking about action, Cobra Kai is at the top of our rundown of best action shows on Netflix. This action show follows the story of Johnny Lawrence and his journey of re-opening the renowned Cobra Kai dojo. But being off the game for so long, there’s a new competition waiting for him.

His decision to re-opening reignited his revival with Daniel LaRusso. The show is filled with breathtaking martial arts scenes. It’s the kind of show where you will find a lot of action with an intense rivalry. With action, there is humor keeping the spectators engaged. There are rivalries, friendships, backstories, and much more that you will love watching.

Cobra Kai

Every character in the show is likable and unique in their way. We believe you should give this show a chance. The shows captivating plots are so enjoyable that it becomes challenging to resist binge-watching them. Lucky for you, there are around 5 seasons available. Every season will make you love this show more.

6. Vikings- Valhalla:

If you’re looking for an action show featuring hand-to-hand combat like in historical drama, then Vikings: Valhalla is streaming on Netflix. This action series is set 100 years after the happenings of Vikings. The series features the action-packed adventure of the infamous Vikings. They are taking a new path in an ever-changing Europe.

Vikings: Valhalla depicts a straightforward adventurous story to the audience. The series delivers thrilling and intense action scenes showcasing the skills of the infamous Viking warriors. Hand-to-hand combat has epic clashes with axes, swords, and shields.

Vikings Valhalla

You will experience the challenging era of the Viking age. This captivating series will take you on a thrilling ride through the Viking age. The episodes are also full of unexpected twists and surprises.

7. The Witcher:

The Witcher tells us the story of Witcher Geralt on an adventure in a world where people are more wicked than beasts. The show also features a Crown Princess Ciri of Cintra. Geralt becomes the protector of Princess Ciri and the world. The series has supernatural elements, magic, sword fighting, and combat.

You will even get to watch Geralt’s exceptional swordsmanship. The one-on-one duels are also thrilling to watch. The Witcher also displays Geralt’s struggles against the dark forces with his journey to bring justice and protect the innocent. This series combines action and fantasy elements, creating an engaging watching experience for the spectators.

The Witcher

8. Bodyguard:

Bodyguard follows the story of war veteran David Budd and his duty to protect the home secretary Rt Hon Julia Montague MP. She’s described as a ‘sociopath’ by her opponents. David is torn between doing his duty and standing for justice. The series also includes flashbacks from David’s time during the war.

You will find this series engaging from the beginning. There’s action, intense scenes, betrayal, and thrill. Each episode is breathtaking and full of suspense. The series also features political drama keeping the storyline unique. There’s suspense and action in the same volume, set in the deceptive game of politics.


9. The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead is a lengthy show that is well worth watching. Every episode will make you wonder what may go wrong. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where there is a zombie outbreak, and humanity is put to the test. The series revolves around Rick and his team of survivors fighting the undead.

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However, zombies aren’t the only threat. The crew must deal with rival groups and make challenging survival choices in their quest for survival. This series is filled with adventure and survival. To deal with the undead, the survivors must make anything work and create their weapons. This series will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Walking Dead

10. Arrow:

Imagine a multimillionaire disappears for 5 years and comes back suddenly all fine. Arrow tells the thrilling story of Oliver Queen and his vigilant friends. Playboy Oliver masters the skill of archery on a deserted island and returns to his city to fight corruption and defeat crime. Everyone knows him as Oliver Queen, but his persona as Arrow is just known by his team.

What’s more engaging is using arrows and bows to fight the criminals. The mystery of Oliver’s disappearance and his time on a strange island is also revealed. Arrow is filled with action and fighting criminals that threaten the innocent. The character development in the series is so fascinating to watch.


According to multiple spectators, Arrow is a one-of-a-kind show. From the beginning, some action is going on, making it one of the best action shows on Netflix. The ensemble of Arrow did excellent work, and the stunts felt so real to the spectators.


From ‘Money Heist’ to ‘Arrow’, whatever you select to watch on Netflix will be worth your time! More incredible and thrilling action shows are available to watch, and we will come back with more rundowns like this soon. If you know any amazing action shows you want others to watch on Netflix, drop them in the comment section below.

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