What Channel is CBS on Spectrum?

CBS is one of the most viewed channels among NBC, ABC, Fox, and other major competitors. From radio broadcasting to streaming popular scripted and reality shows, CBS has created its history among American broadcast channels. It is also one of those channels that is sought after by everyone while purchasing channels for their cable TVs. If you are a Spectrum TV subscriber and wish to know what channel is CBS on Spectrum, this article is for you.

Spectrum TV packages provide its users with some of the most popular channels, which most people love watching. However, CBS is on different channels on Spectrum, depending on where you live. You might be wondering where you can find the CBS channel number, among all the other channels available, whenever you move from one place to another.

CBS is a channel that users highly prefer, and so it is available in all the Spectrum TV packages. This guide will take you through a detailed guide to help you find CBS on Spectrum.

Is CBS Available On Spectrum TV?

Yes, The Columbia Broadcasting System is a channel that is in high demand, and it is available on Spectrum TV. With the CBS channel, you get to watch various programs and shows.

Spectrum TV is a service provider that offers its users TV services, internet access, landline, and mobile phone services. It is also one of the most popular TV services in the US. Unlike other platforms, Spectrum lets you choose the channels you like and pay for what you have chosen. CBS is a channel available on all the types of Spectrum plans available for you to choose from.

After you purchase a Spectrum TV plan, the next thing to do is find all the channel numbers you always require. CBS has different channel numbers on Spectrum TV, depending on your location. Although the common channel numbers are 2 and 502, to find the exact channel number, you will need to know the exact number to save time while you are excited to stream content on your TV.

What Channel is CBS on Spectrum TV

What Channel is CBS on Spectrum TV?

The channel number for CBS differs from one location to another. This is why it is necessary for you to either know the method to find the channel number through the official lineup or know some general channel numbers for CBS on Spectrum for different regions. We have mentioned both methods to find what channel CBS is on in this section.

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1. Finding the CBS Channel Number:

To find the channel number of CBS on Spectrum TV, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Spectrum TV.
Finding the CBS Channel Number

2. Click on the ‘TV’ option on the menu at the top of the page. Go to the ‘Channel Lineup’ option.

3. Enter your Street Address and ZIP Code, and click on ‘Show Lineup’.

Channel Lineup

4. A list of available channels in your area will appear. Search for CBS from the list. Note the Channel number.

If you cannot find the Channel in the list, you can go to the Contact Us option and directly solve your queries with the customer support executives.

CBS on Spectrum TV

2. Common CBS Channel Numbers:

You need to know the exact channel number to access CBS on Spectrum TV. You can find the same by following the methods mentioned in the previous section. However, here we will list some common CBS channel numbers in different places for your quick reference:

  1. Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, New York, Durham, Charlotte – Channel 2
  2. El Paso, Birmingham, Kansas – Channel 3
  3. Ohio, Cleveland, Indianapolis – Channel 4
  4. Texas, Louisville – Channel 5
  5. Bakersfield – Channel 7
  6. California, San Diego, Montgomery – Channel 8
  7. Florida, Columbus – Channel 10

No matter where you are, you can watch CBS on Spectrum TV by finding the right channel in the place you are in. In addition to all these common channels mentioned above, CBS is also available on 306 MLB Network, 308 NBA TV, 310 NFL Network, 315 CBS Sports Network, 316 Olympic Channel, 370 ESPNU, 401 FOX Sports 2., 406 Tennis Channel, and 442 FOX Sports 1.

Spectrum also provides a separate CBS channel for Sports called CBS Sports. If you are a sports enthusiast, CBS covers the most interesting sports on their Sports Channel.

What to Watch on CBS

What to Watch on CBS?

From comedy shows to crime, drama, thriller, and horror, you get various interesting content under the same roof. Besides this, you can also watch various talk shows and other TV reality shows of your interest.

Some popular choices of other users include All Rise, Blood and Treasure, Blue Bloods, FBI, NCIS, Seal Team, and The Big Bang Theory. You can also use the DVR option for CBS on Spectrum to watch your favorite content later.

cbs on spectrum

If you purchase the CBS Sports Network, you also get to watch a variety of different sports shows on demand.

Spectrum TV Packages:

As we have mentioned above, CBS is available on all of the Spectrum TV packages. To enroll for a subscription, you might want to know about the various packages for Spectrum that you can choose from. The details of all the plans available have been mentioned in this section.

1. TV Select Signature:

This is the basic Spectrum TV package that you can opt for. It costs $59.99 per month, for a year. You get access to On Demand HD content and Live TV. Along with the option to choose 150+ channels for your TV, you also get the benefits of DVR, to record the content you watch.

Spectrum TV Packages

2. Mi Plan Latino:

This is the Spectrum package you can opt for if you love to watch Spanish programs along with other English channels. You get access to around 145+ channels with all the other features, for $39.99 per month, for a year.

Mi Plan Latino

Suppose you have already opted for the Select Signature plan. In that case, you also get the option to add some premium options to your package, like the Entertainment view or the Sports view, which contain exclusive channels for sports and entertainment, at an extra cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I watch CBS without Cable TV?

Yes. You can stream the content on CBS without a Cable TV subscription. You need to download the streaming App and ensure that you have a proper network connection before you can start streaming.

Does Spectrum Offer On-demand content for CBS shows?

Yes. Spectrum lets you stream various CBS shows, including current episodes, past seasons, and live telecasts. The best part about it is that it does not cost you extra.

Can I record CBS shows on Spectrum to watch later?

Yes. Spectrum TV provides a Digital Video Recorder service that allows you to record and store your favorite shows to watch later.


CBS is a popular channel that is available on all packages offered by Spectrum TV. Along with its recently launched Sports channel, it offers you a platform to watch many sitcoms and reality shows on demand. However, once you purchase a Spectrum subscription, you must know what channel is CBS on Spectrum.

Depending on your location, the CBS channel number can change. You can find the local lineup through the official Spectrum website or refer to some common channel numbers that we have given in the sections above. Knowing the proper channel number saves a lot of time that you would have spent scrolling to find the channel on the TV.

If our blog has helped you solve your queries regarding this topic, kindly let us know your feedback. Also, if there is anything else we can add to this guide, you can share your thoughts in the comments!!

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