Top 10 Ryan Reynolds Movies You Should Watch

Welcome to the world of the ever-charming Ryan Reynolds! It’s no secret that Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors of the 21st century. The Canadian actor, producer, and entrepreneur has become a household name.

Thanks to his efforts in film, television, and the media. Throughout his nearly two-decade-long career, Ryan Reynolds has been one of Hollywood’s most adaptable actors. The actor has dabbled in almost every subgenre of cinema, from romantic comedies to action pictures.

Ryan Reynolds Movies

Ryan Reynolds’s movies are always entertaining, whether because of his witty one-liners or the seriousness of each character. So, if you want to lose yourself in the universe of Ryan Reynolds, you’re in luck. Our top 10 Ryan Reynolds movies are listed below. Grab a bag of popcorn and relax as we take an in-depth look at Ryan Reynolds and his finest films.

10 Best Ryan Reynolds Movies of All Time

Ryan Reynolds has always entertained us with his incredible acting and fantastic performance. But amongst the wholesome movies that feature his iconic performance, which is the best 10? It might not be easy to figure out for you, but we have covered you all with it!

10. Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe

In search of a good romantic comedy? Then you should pick Definitely, Maybe. The movie’s cast of Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz, and Kevin Kline guarantees a good time.

Adman Will Hayes is divorcing his wife, Sarah, and we follow his journey through the process. His daughter Maya demands to know the details of her parents’ courtship after she attends her first sex education lesson. Then, Will spins her a story, with Sarah’s identity left up for Maya to determine.

The complexity of human relationships is examined with silliness and fun in Definitely, Maybe. Since reviewers and audiences perceived it positively, it earned $55 million worldwide. Get your favorite snacks and invite your closest friends for a night at the movies.

  • Release Date: 8 February 2008
  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds · Will Hayes; Rachel Weisz · Summer Hartley; Abigail Breslin · Maya Hayes; An Nguyen · Ad Exec; Matthew Mason · Headphone Guy.
  • Where to Watch: Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox. or Apple TV on your Roku device.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 70%

9. Adventureland


Do you want to watch a funny movie with great acting? If that’s the case, Adventureland is the place for you. James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) is a recent college graduate. However, he had to work at Adventureland during the summer of 1987 unwillingly.

With the support of the shop’s owner Joel (Ryan Reynolds), James experiences his first love. He finds a summer job and grows as a person throughout the season. Eisenberg and Reynolds have an undeniable connection, and their performances are compelling and engaging.

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the 1980s, and you’ll have a fantastic time doing it. It’s all because of the score’s classic sound. Don’t miss out on this beautiful example of a coming-of-age story because you’ll regret it if you do!

  • Release Date: 11 September 2009
  • Cast: Jesse Eisenberg · James Brennan; Kristen Stewart · Em Lewin; Ryan Reynolds · Mike Connell; Martin Starr · Joel; Jack Gilpin · Mr. Brennan.
  • Where to Watch: Pluto TV, Prime Video, ROW8, Vudu, or Apple TV
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 88%
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8. The Proposal

The Proposal Ryan Reynolds Movies

The Proposal, starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, is a hilarious romantic comedy. Critics and fans have given it positive reviews owing to the star cast’s performances and brilliant storyline. The Proposal was a huge financial success at the box office, bringing in $317 million worldwide.

Bullock received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy, or Musical. This is because of its clever storyline and the chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds.

Reynolds’ signature wit shines through, and Bullock is also charming and humorous in her portrayal. There’s a good reason for the film’s commercial success. As a whole, it’s a fun experience. Enjoy every minute of this beautiful journey that awaits you!

  • Release Date: 22 July 2009
  • Cast: Sandra Bullock · Margaret Tate; Ryan Reynolds · Andrew Paxton; Mary Steenburgen · Grace Paxton; Craig T. Nelson · Joe Paxton
  • Where to Watch: Hulu, FXNOW, Spectrum TV, ROW8, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox. or Apple TV
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 45%

7. Buried

Buried Best Movies of Ryan Reynolds

Buried is a Spanish thriller starring Ryan Reynolds that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Paul Conroy, an American truck driver working in Iraq, is the protagonist of this tale. He is kidnapped and later discovered buried alive in a wooden coffin.

Ryan Reynolds gives an unforgettable performance, full of intensity and charisma. There’s an air of claustrophobia thanks to the close quarters of the coffin and the immersive camera work and sound design.

The critical reception to Buried was overwhelmingly positive. Thus, it became the nominee for multiple awards. Don’t miss this gripping psychological thriller if you want to be on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

  • Release Date: 24 September 2010
  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds · José Luis García-Pérez · Robert Paterson · Stephen Tobolowsky · Samantha Mathis · Ivana Miño · Warner Loughlin · Erik Palladino.
  • Where to Watch: Roku Channel, Freevee, Hulu, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox. or Apple TV
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 87%

6. Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 (2018) Best Movies of Ryan Reynolds

Laugh your way through the American black comic superhero Deadpool 2 (2018). This film starred Ryan Reynolds as the title character and was written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and director David Leitch.

The original cast and crew of the film, including director Tim Miller, returned for this sequel. You all gave positive reviews of the film’s plot, actor performances, and action scenes.

Earning more than $785 million around the world, it was 2018’s tenth highest-grossing film. It also broke records for the X-Men franchise and R-rated movies. Do yourself a favor and check out Deadpool 2’s action-packed thrill adventure.

  • Release Date: 15 May 2018
  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds · Wade Wilson; Josh Brolin · Cable; Morena Baccarin · Vanessa; Julian Dennison · Firefist; Zazie Beetz · Domino.
  • Where to Watch: Disney Plus, Spectrum TV, ROW8, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox. or Apple TV
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 84%

5. Free Guy

Free Guy Best Movies of Ryan Reynolds

Do you fancy a thrilling show? If so, then your search can end with Free Guy. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer’s hilarious sci-fi action comedy. Every one of you may find something you enjoy in this film. Thanks to the impressive visual effects, exciting action scenes, and clever lines of speech.

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Here, you’ll tag along with Ryan Reynolds’s bank teller character when he finds out he’s an NPC in an MMORPG. You’ll need to team up with another player to prove that the game’s CEO stole the code and investigate their suspicious behavior. To save the world, they need the support of some unlikely allies to defeat the evil CEO.

It’s impossible to sit through Free Guy without wanting to laugh or cheer. Thanks to the fantastic acting and amusing one-liners, you’ll have a great time. To summarize, Free Guy is where it’s at if you’re looking for a good time!

  • Release Date: 13 August 2021
  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds · Guy; Jodie Comer · Millie; Taika Waititi · Antwan; Lil Rel Howery · Buddy; Joe Keery · Keys.
  • Where to Watch: Disney Plus.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 80%

4. Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Top Movies of Ryan Reynolds

Pokemon Detective Pikachu will amaze you. The facial motion capture of Pikachu is provided by Ryan Reynolds, who also acts in the Rob Letterman-directed action comedy. The film follows former Pokémon trainer Tim Goodman and his Pikachu. They look for Tim’s missing father, Harry, and it is loosely based on the 2016 video game of the same name.

The film was shot on location in Colorado, England, and Scotland. It premiered in Japan on May 3 and in the United States on May 10, 2019. Reynold’s portrayal of Pikachu radiates charisma and charm with his quick wit. The film’s stunning special effects will leave you pleased.

The premise was predictable for some, yet the film earned $433 million worldwide, making it the second-highest-grossing video game adaptation. You should see it, so buy tickets right now.

  • Release Date: 10 May 2019
  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds · Detective Pikachu; Justice Smith · Tim Goodman; Kathryn Newton · Lucy Stevens; Bill Nighy · Howard Clifford
  • Where to Watch: ROW8, Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV, or Redbox.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 68%

3. The Adam Project

The Adam Project

The Adam Project, starring Ryan Reynolds, is a science fiction action comedy. Shawn Levy directs the film. It follows a future fighter pilot (Reynolds) who travels back to see his younger self.

Since the film’s inception in 2012, Tom Cruise has been rumored to star. Only when Netflix obtained the distribution rights did the project emerge from production purgatory. The time-traveling adventure in The Adam Project, in which Ryan Reynolds stars, is thrilling. Reynolds portrays a fighter pilot of the future who hooks up with his younger self to solve a mystery.

They should work together to solve their historical mysteries. If you’re looking for a fascinating film with a fantastic cast and engaging story, look no further than The Adam Project.

  • Release Date: 28 February 2022
  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds · Big Adam; Walker Scobell · Young Adam; Mark Ruffalo · Louis Reed; Jennifer Garner · Ellie Reed
  • Where to Watch: Netflix
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 67%

2. Mississippi Grind

Mississippi Grind

Written and directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Mississippi Grind is an American comedy-drama film released in 2015. Two professional gamblers (Ryan Reynolds, Ben Mendelsohn, etc.) travel to New Orleans for a high-stakes poker game.

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Reynolds and Mendelsohn are wonderful together, and they both provide excellent performances. Reynolds brings out the shadowy aspect of his character, while Mendelsohn shows how his gambling inexperience might lead him astray. Miller is fantastic as the seductive Clementine, and she and Reynolds have sizzling chemistry.

There’s a lot of humor and surprising emotion in Mississippi Grind. The story is interesting, and the performances of Reynolds and Mendelsohn make the film. The film successfully demonstrates how a movie can be entertaining and thought-provoking. Mississippi Grind is a great film to watch if you want to be moved to laughter, tears, and deep thought.

  • Release Date: 25 September 2015
  • Cast: Ben Mendelsohn · Gerry; Ryan Reynolds · Curtis; Yvonne Landry · Louise; Anthony Howard · Larry; Jayson Warner Smith · Clifford.
  • Where to Watch:  Kanopy, HBO Max, Spectrum TV, Redbox., Prime Video, Vudu, or Apple TV
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 91%

1. Deadpool


If you asked me to name one of Ryan Reynolds’s best works, I’d say Deadpool. It broke the record for the highest-grossing R-rated film with almost $783 million in ticket sales. After a rogue experiment gives Wade Wilson (Reynolds) superhuman healing powers, he becomes Deadpool.

The film’s popularity can be attributed to its balanced mix of action, humor, and romance. The portrayal of Deadpool Reynolds is brilliant, hilarious, and a delight to see. Rapid-fire and frequently hilarious, the quips are impossible to resist.

The fight scenes are exciting and fun. It’s no surprise that Deadpool has become one of the most successful superhero films ever. Reynolds’s superb performance as the protagonist greatly aided in lifting what could have been a very depressing and strange story. Anna Kendrick and Gemma Arterton also feature in the film.

  • Release Date: 10 February 2016
  • Cast: Ryan Reynolds · Wade; Morena Baccarin · Vanessa; T.J. Miller · Weasel; Ed Skrein · Ajax; Karan Soni · Dopinder.
  • Where to Watch:  Disney plus
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 85%


Ryan Reynolds’s unique quality is that he can adapt to practically any role and make it his own. He consistently demonstrated his enormous talent as an actor in various genre films. These include romantic comedies to superhero movies.

Even though we’ve just talked about some of his best flicks, many of his other ones are as fascinating as the ones we just covered. Whether searching for a nice laugh or an exciting action scene, you’ll get both in Ryan Reynolds’ movies. His films have something for everyone. Just grab some popcorn and settle in for an adventure into the world that Ryan Reynolds has created.

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