Andrew Tate Net Worth (2023) – Assets, Earnings & Cars

Andrew Tate is a world-famous kickboxer and millionaire who made his fame through his successful kickboxing career in his early years. He has won several ISKA awards and championships and has defeated several legendary kickboxers. He also owns different businesses and earns millions. His businesses include webcam service, only fans management, casinos, and an online platform to teach people how to become rich like him.

Who Is Andrew Tate and What Does He Do?




December 1, 1986

Net Worth

$355 Million+ 


Kickboxer, Commentator, Businessman


Emory Tate




American, British

Andrew Tate is a world-famous kickboxer born on 1st December 1986 in Washington D.C. He spent his early life learning and mastering the sport and gained a huge following throughout this period. People connected to this sport follow and admire him for his skills. Later on, that is, in recent years, he retired from kickboxing and has become an internet influencer and sensation. 

He made his fortune throughout his kickboxing career and now amass huge wealth from his social media tutorial services and shows. He has also appeared in a reality show called Big Brother, which has increased his following even more.

Andrew Tate Net Worth

Andrew Tate- Awards and Achievement:

Andrew Tate gained most of his popularity via his kickboxing and fighting career. His kickboxing career record was a huge success:

  • 2008-2009: Andrew’s debut period was when he appeared in several fights to gain the British Cruiserweight title. 
  • 2009: This was his first victory, and he got so by defeating Paul Randal. He achieved the ISKA British Cruiserweight title, and as a fighter on his debut stage, this was a great 

Achievement for him and made people follow him for his wins and techniques.

  • Before 2012: He competed in several fighting competitions and gained several trophies and titles, including the British Cruiserweight title and the ISKA Global Full Contact Light Heavyweight Championship.
  • 2012: Tate competed in Enfusion 3 that year, a competition to select the fines boxer in the 85 kg range, but lost in the finals, unfortunately. Although it was not a victory, it placed his way to fame.
  • 2014: Andrew kept winning several titles and championships and made his way to the top, gaining a huge following.

Andrew Tate Kickboxing Record:

Andrew Tate Kickboxing Record

Having started his professional training at the young age of 15 years, Andrew Tate has won several trophies and championships throughout his ten years of professional kickboxing career. His record is a staggering 78 wins and nine losses which is fantastic considering he did it in just ten years.

He has won 4 IKSA kickboxing championships, and out of his 78 wins, 23 were by KO, meaning he is quite powerful and has mastered the sport to perfection.

Jean-Luc Benoit, Vincent Petitjean, and Franci Grajš are some of the most well-known and well-reputed kickboxers that Andrew Tate has defeated in the ring. 

Andrew has also tried MMA and played three professional matches with 2 wins and 1 loss. Andrew Tate has a webcam business, and in 2016, he retired from kickboxing because he said he wanted to focus on his webcam business and grow it into a successful one.

Andrew Tate Net Worth 2023 Earnings – How Much Money Does Andrew Tate Have?

A huge portion of Andrew Tate’s fortune and earnings came from his ten years of professional kickboxing career, where he won a total of 78 matches. That is a huge amount of wins, and when converted into earnings, these 78 wins have given Andrew quite a fortune.

He also owns a webcam business and has started an online venture called Hustler University, where he teaches people how to be successful and earn big.

He opened up to the public about his net worth and said that he is worth 355 million dollars as of now. If this is true, Andrew Tate is among the richest men.

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Over the years, Andrew Tate has become quite an internet sensation, with several controversies following him. But this has not stopped him from becoming famous, and in his Hustler University, he teaches people how to be rich and successful like him.

He also manages several online businesses, and with his presence on social media, he has several sponsors and his earnings are huge.

Andrew Tate Net Worth Growth Over The Years:

Net Worth in 20222023$355 Million
Net Worth in 2021$295 Million
Net Worth in 2020$268 Million
Net Worth in 2019$237 Million
Net Worth in 2018$205 Million

How Did Andrew Tate Make His Money?

Andrew Tate made a major portion of his earnings through his professional Kickboxing career of 10 years, where he won a total of 78 matches with only nine losses. That made some big bucks for him, and after he retired, he started managing his webcam business. 

He also runs an online tutorial service known as Hustler University, where he teaches people how to be successful. According to him, he is worth $355 million, although no proof has been found about this. Around 136k people have taken his courses at Hustler University, putting Andrew’s earnings high.

Andrew Tate’s Businesses:

Andrew Tate’s businesses

Apart from his successful kickboxing career Andrew Tate also has some successful businesses, including casinos, Webcams, and online teaching:

Casino Business:

Andrew started this business during his time as a commentator in RXF in Romania. He made a deal with a big casino franchise owner that he would make casinos by their name and give them a part of the turnover.

The business was successful, and he boomed. He also started offering free coffee in casinos, which might sound small but it greatly impacted the business.

Webcam Business:

This was another very successful venture of Andrew, where he started an online webcam business. He contacted his girlfriends, and they started living with him, working for him, and making content on the webcam. This business made around $600000 at its peak and one point, had 75 women involved.

Hustlers University:

Andrew Tate formed this school to teach people how to become successful and make money. This community has several War Room members; the professors make around $10k a month. Many subjects are taught here, including Crypto, Stocks Analytics, and Options Plays.

War Room:

Andrew formed War Room as a community for the elite and successful. The people connected with War Room are owners of huge businesses and stock experts. They influence several countries and are a growing community.

Only Fans:

Andrew is also involved in the Onlyfans business, where he manages several accounts, and his brother owns this business. He has some share in this business and has a steady profit. This business makes around $200000 a month.

Andrew Tate’s Home and Assets:

Andrew Tate claims he is worth $355 million, but there is no evidence. However, judging by how successful his kickboxing career was, he has gained quite a fortune. He owns a total of 5 different businesses, and his total earnings are in the millions. 

According to him, buying a home is stupid; rather, people should start renting houses because then, they would be able to move from one place to the other while also enjoying the luxuries and amenities. He has lived in the USA and UK, and his permanent address is Bucharest, Romania.

Andrew Tate’s Cars Collection 2023:

Andrew owns several luxurious and expensive cars, mostly sports cars. None of them cost below $100k, which says he has enough net worth to buy even the most expensive cars from popular brands:

Andrew Tate’s Cars Collection

Lets have a look at the best cars he have and their cost.

Bugatti Chiron Pure Sport$4.3 Million
Aston Martin DBS Superleggera $305K
McLaren 720s $299K
Lamborghini Huracan Spyder $225K
Ferrari 812 Superfast $325K
Mercedes-AMG S36 Coupe $147K

Andrew Tate’s Biography:

Andrew Tate was born on 1st December 1986. He has both British and American nationalities and has lived in both countries. He was born in Washington and, at a young age, moved to Luton, England, where he started his professional training for kickboxing. Right now, he is residing at his own house in Bucharest, Romania.

Real Name

Andrew Tate III

Nick Name


Date Of Birth

December 1, 1986

Place Of Birth

Washington D.C, United States

Present Age

36 Years


Emory Tate


Christian by Birth (Converted to Islam, Posted on Oct 24th 2022)


American, British


In Feet: 6 ft 3 Inches

In Centimetres: 190 cm


In Pounds: 209 Lbs

In Kilograms: 85 Kgs


Tristan Tate & Janine Tate


Luxton Sixth Form College

Zodiac Sign


Marital Status

Not Married


Kickboxer, Commentator, Businessman

Net Worth

$355 Million

Where Is Andrew Tate From – Born & Bought Up?

Andrew Tate was born on 1st December 1986, in Washington DC. Andrew Tate has both British and American nationalities and has lived in both countries. At a young age, moved to Luton, England, where he started his professional training for kickboxing. Right now, he is residing at his own house in Bucharest, Romania.

What Race Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is British-American, and he has lived in both nations. He was born in Washington, USA, and then later moved to Luton, England, where he started his training in kickboxing.

Andrew Tate: Big Brother:

Andrew Tate Brother

Andrew Tate appeared in a British reality show called Big Brother. He appeared in the 17th season of the show and had a huge controversy regarding his actions over there.

He has recorded beating and abusing a woman there, but he said it was consensual, and they were friends. He was removed from the show for his actions on the seventh day.

Andrew Tate Age:

Andrew Tate is 36 years old. He spent his early year’s training in kickboxing and later became a professional kickboxer winning several titles and championships. He has also resided in both England and the USA.

But as of now, he resides in Romania. In his 36 years of life, he was done a brilliant job of becoming successful and owned five different businesses earning millions.

Andrew Tate Parents:

Andrew Tate’s father is Emory Tate, an African- American, and his mother is Eileen Tate. He has two siblings, Tristan and Janine. Tristan owns an online business, while Eileen is a lawyer in Kentucky. Emory Tate was a famous chess champion and won the United States Armed Forces Chess Championship 5 times.

Unfortunately, he passed away at age 56 due to fainting during a chess match. Eileen brought up Andrew and his siblings alone, and in his early childhood, Andrew was relatively poor.

How Tall Is Andrew Tate (Height):

Andrew Tate is 1.9m tall and is a world-famous kickboxing champion. He has won several titles and championships.

Being a kickboxer, his height is ideal and has given him quite an edge during his professional career. He won the ISKA British Cruiserweight Championship title 4 times.

Andrew Tate Weight:

Andrew Tate weighs around 90 kg. He has a staggering physique, all thanks to his successful kickboxing career. He also has a perfect height for the sport.

His tall height and well-built physique have proven to be helpful in his martial arts career. He also participated in 3 professional MMA fights.

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Andrew Tate House:

Andrew Tate was born in the USA and later moved to Luton, England. He started his professional training at an early age, and after becoming successful, he lived in Romania for a long time.

According to him, the best way to live is to rent houses since people can move around more and explore. He has only one permanent residence in Bucharest, Romania.

Andrew Tate Education:

Andrew lived most of his life in England and started his training for kickboxing at an early age. He completed his education at Luxton Sixth Form College and later became a professional kickboxer, winning several championships and titles. He also has several businesses that earn in the millions.

Andrew Tate: Controversies

Why Is Andrew Tate So Famous?

Andrew Tate started his professional career as a kickboxer and rose to fame by defeating several well-known kickboxers of his time. He won several titles and championships, including the ISKA British Cruiserweight title, that too four times.

He has also participated in professional MMA fights and won. His peak kickboxing career was in 2014, and he amassed huge wealth spending his time in the ring. 

He then retired and focused on his webcam business with two of his girlfriends. This business boomed too and, at its peak, had 75 women working for his webcam shows.

He also has casino businesses and an online university called Hustlers University, where he teaches people how to be successful like him and earn money in the millions. 

Why Was Andrew Tate Banned?

Being famous doesn’t mean Andrew has had a very clean career. He has been caught up in several problems and controversies regarding women and has also spent 2 days locked up in prison. He appeared in Big Brother and was removed from the show because of a viral video showing him beating up a woman. 

He denied claims and said that they were friends, but it has added to his existing controversies. His remarks and comments on women have been mostly regarded as sexist and misogynistic leading to him getting banned on most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How rich is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate claims to be worth $355 million with several assets and expensive cars. He has five different businesses and earns in the millions.

Is Andrew Tate Married?

Andrew Tate is not married, but he is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Nagheel Georgiana Manuela.

Does Andrew Tate Have Children?

Andrew Tate has not given any evidence or proof that he has children, but he has claimed more than ten children.

Why Does Andrew Tate Live In Romania?

Andre says he lives in Romania since the laws regarding rape victims in Romania are a bit loose, and the MMA sports community is huge.

How Expensive Is Andrew Tate’s Bugatti?

Andrew Tate’s Bugatti is worth $4.3 million. He has several other expensive cars, including Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Aston Martin.

Has Andrew Tate Converted To Islam?

Andrew regards Islam as the last true religion in the world and has even been spotted praying in a Mosque. He claims that he is a Muslim.


Andrew Tate is a very successful man and has given the Kickboxing community some great shows and matches. He owns several different businesses, each of which is very successful.

He has several controversies regarding women, but still, his success outshines them all. “Andrew Tate’s Net Worth” is a very trending topic nowadays, and people want to know the secret behind his success.

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