What Channel is TNT Streaming On in 2022 November

Television is a very common thing in people’s houses nowadays. With time television has evolved, be it the features or anything else. Previously there was only one cable operator through which television was run. But now there are many such as DirecTV, Spectrum and many more. The main topic of this article is a cable television channel known as TNT. 

Before starting everything off, I would like to introduce you to Tnt by saying that it is a Latin American cable television channel that Warner Bros own and is known for streaming TV series.

Let’s say you are interested in this channel, but you may ask, “What Channel Is TNT on various platforms”. If you want to know the answer, you must follow the rest of the article. 

What Channel Is TNT

What Channel Is TNT On DirecTV?

TNT On DirecTV

DirecTV is a cable and television provider in The United States of America. It was based in El Segundo, California. The company provides its services through broadcasting satellites. The very famous AT&T Communications own it.

Well, if you end up opting for DirecTV, then you should know the channel number of TNT in it. In that case, you should know that TNT is channel number 245 on DirecTV.

What Channel Is TNT On Spectrum?

TNT On Spectrum

Like DirecTV, Spectrum is also a cable and television provider based in The United States of America. But unlike DirecTV, Spectrum is also a mass media company. One thing to know is that the company’s name is Charter Communications, and their services are known as Spectrum.

So if you opt for Spectrum, you should know that the channel numbers differ in different states. Some of them are as listed below-

  1. Hollywood, LA- 42
  2. Buffalo, NY- 32
  3. Traverse City, MI- 36
  4. Worcester, MA- 32
  5. Sayre, PA- 16
  6. Orlando, FL- 11
  7. Austin, TX- 67
  8. Conway, SC- 22
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What Channel Is TNT On Dish Network?

TNT On Dish Network

Dish Network is the direct broadcast satellite provider dish. Just like the previous two companies, Dish Network is a television-providing company. Apart from providing television services, they also provide mobile wireless services and wireless dish services. If you are interested in knowing the channel number of Tnt on the Dish Network, then let me clarify that you can find the Tnt as channel number 138.  

What Channel Is TNT On Xfinity?

TNT On Xfinity

Xfinity is a telecommunication company that provides several services such as television, internet, and wireless services. It is based in the United States of America and has its headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. For playing the Tnt channel on Xfinity, you need to play channel number 32 (for standard resolution), but if you want to watch the HD channel, you need to switch to channel number 204.  

What Channel Is TNT On Optimum?

 TNT On Optimum

Optimum is also a television-providing company, just like the other mentioned companies. Besides Solely being a television company, it is also an internet, mobile and home phone company. It is an American-based company that provides services in states and areas such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania Tri-State area, and North Carolina.

What Channel Is TNT On AT&T?

AT&T is an American multinational company that deals in telecommunications. AT&T is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the United States. AT&T also owns the Optimum brand. It has its headquarters in Long Island City. If you have opted for AT&T and want to play the Tnt channel, you need to switch to channel number 1108.

What Channel Is TNT On Cable?

 TNT On Cable

Tnt is a basic cable television channel available on cable platforms such as YouTube TV, HULU TV, and many more. 

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What Channel Is TNT On Uverse?

TNT On Uverse

UverseTv is generally a DirecTV brand of IPTV service. One thing to note is that Uverse is not for new users. It is only available to existing customers. New customers must opt for AT&T. It has services in about 48 states nationwide.

There are many variants of TNT that you can watch on Uverse, but to get the best experience, you should watch out for the TNTHd, which you will find as the channel number is 1108. 

What Channel Is TNT On Verizon?

 TNT On Verizon

Just like AT&T, Verizon is also an American-based multinational Telecommunications brand known as Verizon Communications.

Its headquarters is set in New York, Unites States. Even though Verizon is mainly known for providing wireless internet for your mobile, it is also good at providing television services. If you end up liking it, you should know that you can watch the Tnt channel on Verizon by switching to channel 551.  

What Channel Is TNT On Comcast?

 TNT On Comcast

Comcast is an American-based multinational brand that deals in telecommunications. One thing that you should note is that Comcast owns Xfinity, and its headquarters is situated in Philadelphia, USA. Comcast deals in books, broadband, broadcasting, cable television services and many more other services.

You must remember that if you opt for Comcast, you can watch TNT on different channel numbers depending on your location. For example, if you live in Georgia, the number would be 41, while if you live in Boston, then the number will be 32.  

What Channel Is TNT On Cox?

 TNT On Cox

Cox Communication, also known as Cox, is an American brand telecommunications brand. Apart from dealing in telecommunication, they also specialize in dealing with digital cable television providers and home automation services.

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Like any television service provider, the channel numbers won’t be the same in every state. This is why the channel number for TNT is not the same forever place. For example, if you live in Pheonix, the channel number will be 26, and if you live in San Diego, then the channel number will be 34.  

What Channel Is TNT On Roku?

 TNT On Roku

Roku is a brand that specializes in digital media players. Apart from it, Roku also provides streaming media content for the customers. One thing that you should know is that Roku was made in collaboration with Netflix. You must sign in with your Tnt provider if you want to watch Tnt on Roku. 


We already know that technology is evolving with time, and everything is concerned or dependent on technology. Television has changed its size, form and utility in recent decades.

Previously people used to watch TV shows and films on normal TV using a cable, but now most people have shifted towards smart TV. 

This is where the video and television companies such as HULU, DirectTV and many others. People started to shift towards them as they offered the latest series and movies you won’t find on your normal television.

If you are a fan of TNT and were confused with “What Channel Is TNT On?” Then I think this article might have gotten rid of your confusion. 

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