What Channel Is CBS On DirecTV?

CBS is one of the most-watched TV networks in the United States after NBS, and If you happen to be a DirecTV user who wants to know what channel CBS is on Directv, then you have come to the right place as I’m about to share the details you might be looking in just a minute or so.

Many new users of platforms like DirecTV may find it tricky to navigate the CBS network, and I will solve everything today in this post. Let’s jump right into it.

Before we move on, let me answer one important thing.

Does DIRECTV Even Have The CBS Channel?

Yes, DirecTV does have a CBS Sports channel in their package; however, to access this channel without any additional fee, you’ll have to opt for either the “Ultimate” or “Primer” plan.

AS MENTIONED ABOVE, accessing CBS Sports Network is possible with DirecTV, but you need to have either of these two plans. If you don’t have that, you’ll need to purchase that specific channel as an “Add-on” which will cost you some extra money.

I’m going to talk about DirecTV’s pricing and plans in just a minute, and I suggest you stick with me for a moment.

What Channel Number Is CBS On DIRECTV?

The CBS Sports Network is available on channel number 221 across all the packages and you can catch up on all the latest action when you hop on this channel number.

Channel Number CBS On DirecTV

The CBS Sports Network is one of the most popular sports channels in the country, and watching this channel on DirecTV is pretty simple. Just head to channel number 221 to watch the latest matches, events, or programs on this channel.

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If you want to know more about DirecTV channel numbers, I suggest you visit their official website, and you’ll find the info there.

What Can You Expect To See On CBS Sports Network?

CBS Sports Network was launched in 2002. However, it was known as College Sports Network (CSTV). The brand CSTV was brought by CBS in 2006; since then, it has been owned and operated by CBS.

Currently, CBS Sports Network has coverage of over 60% of cable users in the United States, and it is also available on streaming platforms like DirecTV, as I have mentioned above. The contents on CBS Sports Network are related to football, golf, and Basketball. If you are a fan of any of these sports, you’ll find CBS Sports Network useful for your entertainment.

Here are some of the popular sports programs you are going to love on CBS Sports Network:

  1. PGA Golf.
  2. WNBA Basketball.
  3. WNBA Basketball.
  4. UEFA Soccer.
  5. NCAA Tournament.
  6. NFL on CBS.
  7. College Football.
  8. Super Bowl.

You’ll find the DirecTV CBS channel schedule once you visit their website. If you want to get a DirecTV channel guide, you can call the helpline number of the company at 855-507-5823, and they’ll help you out.

DirecTV Packages:

As of now, DirecTV has four plans, and they are:

  • Entertainment ($65/ month): With this plan, you get over 75 channels, and some of the sports channels you’ll find on this one are ACC Network, Big Ten Network, ESPN, ESPN2, and Fox Sports 1. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting the CBS Sports Network with this plan.
  • Choice ($85/ month): Like the above plan, you won’t get the CBS Sports Network on this, too; however, you’ll find over 100 channels with this one.
  • Ultimate ($110/ month): This should be a perfect plan for watching CBS Sports Network with DirecTV. Plus, you’ll get over 140 channels on this plan and don’t have to pay anything extra.
  • Premier ($155/ month): This is a complete package for those who want to watch TV shows/ Movies and sports channels. Of course, you’ll get CBS Sports Network on this plan, too but keep in mind that it is the most expensive plan by the company.
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If you want more info about the DirecTV packages, refer to the image below.

DirecTV packages

As I mentioned earlier, If you don’t want to for the “Ultimate” or “Premier” plan due to its high pricing, you can add the “CBS Sports Network” addon from your account to save some money. The addon’s price may change occasionally, so I can’t mention the exact amount here.

You can access the contents of DirecTV via their official website or mobile app, which is officially available on Android and iOS devices. It depends on how you want to watch the CBS channels via DirecTV.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does DIRECTV have ABC and CBS?

Yes, DirecTV has both ABC and CBS in their streaming platform, and you can stream them without any worries.
If you are planning to switch from cable to a streaming platform like DirecTV and wonder whether it has ABC and CBS in its package, worry not, as you will be getting both channels.

What channels are included in the DIRECTV choice package?

There are over 100 channels available in the choice package of DirecTV, and some of the notable channels are ACC Network, AccuWeather, AMC, Animal Planet, BabyFirst TV, BBC America, Cartoon Network, CBS Sports Network, and much more.

What is the difference between DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM?

DirecTV is a satellite, whereas DirecTV streaming is the streamable version of DirecTV.
For DirecTV streaming, you won’t have any contract with the company, whereas, for DirecTV, you need to have a long-term contract with the company, which might be suitable for everyone.

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Can I watch local sports on DIRECTV?

Yes, you can watch the local sports channel on DirecTV. It has over 30 regional sports channels to entertain its users.


CBS is one of the major TV networks in the United States; not having this channel on your streaming platform would be a shame. However, that’s not the case with DirecTV.

The streaming does the channel in their platform, and I guess you have got to know what channel CBS is on DirecTV with this short post.

If you have any other questions on this topic, let me know in the comments, and I’ll get back to you very soon. Thanks.

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