Ovation Cinema Grill
Ovation Cinema Grill
415 Detroit Drive, Bloomington, IL 61704
Fancy a bite to eat
Here's how it works

After taking your seat, you may press the top button located above the arm-rest at any time to request service. Our servers will then take any orders for food, drinks & traditional concession items like popcorn & candy.

If you wish to purchase alcohol, you must be wearing a wristband. Unfortunately, our servers cannot issue wristbands in the theaters. You can get a wristband at the bar or box office simply by showing your photo ID.

If you need anything during the movie, press your button & we’ll run right out! We don’t want to bother you during the film so, once your feature begins, we try to stay out of the way as much as possible. But we will be glad to take away dishes, get refills, or take a dessert order for you… just let us know!

Last call for orders is 45 minutes prior to the end of your movie. Be sure to get any last minute items in before that time! Your server will then process your payment & bring your change shortly before the movie ends.

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Ovation Cinema Grill Menu
Ovation Cinema Grill Menu

Loaded Nachos
Warm tortilla chips topped with melted cheddar cheese, jalapeños, refried beans, our homemade pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce & sour cream  •  $10

Add Chicken, Pulled Port or Beef  •  $3

Chips & Salsa
Warm tortilla chips served with a side of salsa  •  $5

Add Add a side of cheese sauce  •  $1

Boneless Chicken Wings
Fried boneless wings tossed in buffalo, BBQ or our honey sriracha sauce with celery & your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing  •  $10.50

Bone-In Chicken Wings
Jumbo sized, traditional wings tossed in buffalo, BBQ or our honey sriracha sauce with celery & your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing  •  $10.50

Wisconsin Cheese Curds
Battered cheese curds, fried to perfection, with a side of marinara or our sriracha ranch dipping sauce  •  $9


Beer Battered Shrimp
Fresh shrimp, fried in our homemade beer batter, served on a bed of cabbage & carrot medley with our house cocktail sauce or try them tossed in buffalo with a side of ranch dressing  •  $11

Soft Pretzels
Baked pretzel breadsticks, salted and served with warm cheese sauce & honey mustard  •  $8

Loaded Cheese Fries
Covered in melted cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream & scallions with a side of our sriracha ranch dipping sauce  •  $8

Onion Rings
Jumbo beer battered onion rings served with horseradish aioli  •  $7

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu
Salads & Wraps

Southwest Chicken Salad or Wrap
Grilled Cajun chicken breast with field greens, mixed cheese, roasted corn & black bean salsa, & our homemade pico de gallo with an avocado ranch dressing & crunchy tortilla strips • $10.50

Buffalo Chicken Salad or Wrap
Crispy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce with field greens, bacon, carrots, celery, cucumbers & blue cheese crumbles with ranch dressing • $10.50

Chicken Caesar Salad or Wrap
Grilled Cajun chicken breast with romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, shaved parmesan & seasoned croutons with Caesar dressing • $10

House Salad
Field greens with carrot, cucumber, celery, mixed cheese & seasoned croutons with your choice of dressings • $5

House Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, shaved parmesan & seasoned croutons with Caesar dressing • $5

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu
Little Bites

*For kids 12 & under only. Served with fries or orange slices.

Chicken Tenders
All white chicken nuggets served with your choice of BBQ, buffalo or honey mustard • $6

Mini Corn Dogs
Served with ketchup & mustard • $6

Cheese Quesadilla
Mixed cheese on a flour tortilla • $6
*Add chicken • $1.50

Kids Pizza
Flatbread topped with tomato sauce & Mozarella cheese • $6
*Add pepperoni or sausage • $1

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu

Tomato Basil
Brushed with olive oil & topped with, mozzarella cheese & sliced tomatoes topped with fresh basil & a balsamic glaze • $10

Three Meat
Sausage, pepperoni, bacon, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese • $13

Bleu Heaven
Grilled Cajun chicken breast, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, caramelized onions, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese topped with scallions • $12

Four Cheese
Parmesan, crumbled feta, cheddar, mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce • $10.50

BBQ Chicken
Grilled Cajun chicken breast, red onions, jalapeños, barbeque sauce & mozzarella cheese topped with more BBQ and fresh cilantro • $12

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu
Theatre Favourites

Freshly Popped Popcorn
Bottomless bowl of popcorn • $7.50
*Add a Kernal Seasonings Ranch, white Cheddar or Nacho Cheese Shaker • $1.50*Ask about our annual refillable popcorn bucket

Cheddar Popcorn$5

Caramel Popcorn$5
Plain M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms, Twizzlers, Raisinets, Airhead Extremes or Chocolate Almonds • $4

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu
Burgers & SLiders

Served on toasted brioche buns with your choice of side. Substitute a veggie patty on any burger option for no extra charge. Add bacon to any burger for an extra $2. All our burgers are served well done.

Build Your Own
Start wtih a 1/2 pound beef patty & add toppings the way that you want them • $10

Add your choice or cheddar, provolone, Swiss or jalapeño jack cheese • $1

Sweet & Smokey Burger
1/2 pound beef patty topped with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, creamy slaw and fried onion straws • $12

American Sliders
Three mini burgers with cheddar cheese, crumble bacon, caramalized onions, pickles & chipotle mayo • $12

Bacon Cheese Burger
1/2 pound beef patty with 3 slices of cherrywood bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle & mayo • $13

Mushroom & Swiss Sliders
Three mini burgers with Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions & mayo • $12

Bleu Burger
1/2 pound beef patty with cherrywood bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles, barbeque sauce & fried onion straws • $13

Hot Jalapeño Burger
1/2 pound beef patty with guacamole, jalapeño jack cheese, sautéed onions & peppers, roasted jalapeños & cumin sour cream • $12


Ovation Cinema Grill Menu
Sandwiches & More

Served with your choice of side

The Club
Oven roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, bacon, avacado, lettuce, red onion, tomato & cilantro mayo on thick sliced Texas toast, served double-decker style • $11

Buffalo Chicken
Crispy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce with bleu cheese crumbles, bleu cheese dressing, lettuce & tomatro on a toasted brioche bun • $10

Grilled Chicken
Cajun grilled chicken breast with bacon, provlone cheese, caramelized onions, avocado & mayo on a toasted pretzel bun • $11

Chicken Mushroom & Swiss
Crispy chicken with mayo, lettuce, sautéed mushrooms & Swiss cheese on a toasted brioche bun • $10

French Fries
Side Salad
Creamy Slaw
Citrus Slaw
Chips & Salsa

PREMIUM SIDES - $2 additionial charge
Onion Rings
Cheese Curds
Loaded Cheese Fries

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu

Funnel Fries
Hot funnel cake fries served with your choice of strawberry or caramel sauce • $7.50

Choc'late Lovin' Spoonful Cake
A giant mouthful of chocolate pudding between two layers of dark, moist chocolate cake • $7

Cheesecake chimichanga served with your choice of strawberry & chocolate drizzle with whipped cream or caramel drizzle with cinnamon & brown sugar • $6.50

Peanut Butter Silk Pie
Even non-peanut lovers will swoon over this light, rich, creamy slice or heaven • $7

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu

Free refills on all 32oz soft drinks, tea and coffee

32oz Soft Drinks$4.25


Kid's Soft Drink$1

20oz Bottled Water$3.50

1 Liter Bottled Water$4.50

Red Bull$4

Sweet / Unsweetened Tea$4.25

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu
Saturday Breakfast

Available from Open - 11am. Kids meals are for those 12 & under only. Sharing is not allowed on All You Can Eat breakfast options. Anyone seen to be sharing will be charged the appropriate additional meal's price.

Bacon (3 pieces) • $2
Hash Browns • $1
Strawberry, Orange or Apple Slices • $2
Sausage Patties (2 Pieces) • $3
Hard Boiled Egg (single) • $1
Texas Toast (single) • $1

All you can eat pancakes
Fresh buttermilk pancakes served with your choice of traditional, bluebrry, strawberry or butter-pecan syrup • Adults $8Kids $6
Enjoy them with strawberries, mixed fruit or chocolate chips • $2 extra

All you can eat french toast sticks
Oven baked French toast sticks served with your choice of traditional, blueberry, strawberry or butter-pecan syrup • Adults $8Kids $6

Ovation Breakfast Platter
Two of our buttermilk pancakes, 4 pieces of bacon, fresh fruit, a fried hash brown patty & a slice of Texas toast...The right way to start the day • $8

Ovation Cinema Grill Menu
Sunday Brunch

Ovation Brunch Platters
A full spread of items including sliced turkey breast with Swiss and cheddar cheese; a hard boiled egg; fresh strawberries, oranges & apples; two sausage patties & a slice of Texas toast • $15


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