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  1. BECOMING A MEMBER - New Vision Rewards membership may be obtained at no cost at any participating New Vision Theatres location as well as online and can be registered online at Registration is required in order activate a member account. Members must provide: FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, VALID EMAIL ADDRESS, VALID MOBILE/TELEPHONE NUMBER, DATE OF BIRTH and PREFERRED THEATER LOCATION. Information provided must be true, accurate, current and complete. Members can monitor their accounts online and change profile information through the online portal.
  2. MEMBERSHIP RESTRICTIONS - New Vision Rewards membership is available to members of the public 13 years of age and older. Employees of New Vision Theatres are not eligible for membership.
  3. ACCRUING POINTS - New Vision Rewards members will receive 1 reward point per 1/100th dollar spent ($0.01) on ticket purchases made online or at the box office. New Vision Rewards members will also receive 1 point per 1/100th dollar spent ($0.01) on concession items. Points are NOT issued for admissions obtained by redeeming complimentary passes, Service Charge Courtesy Passes, or Discount Tickets. Points are NOT earned when purchasing gift cards or alcoholic beverages.
  4. ACCRUAL LIMITATIONS - On a daily basis, point accumulation is limited to 50,000 points per member account based on a maximum $500.00 daily transaction total. In addition to other restrictions, no points can be accrued on a member account for theatre rentals, VIP Ticket purchases, or other types of block ticket purchases.
  5. ONLINE TICKET PURCHASES - Points will be added when purchases are made through participating ticket resellers at the time transaction information is transmitted to the company from resellers and at all in-theatre point of sale stations when transactions take place.
  6. ONLINE TICKET CONCESSION COUPON - Providing that a member has supplied their membership number through New Vision Theatres website, the member will automatically receive a two dollar ($2.00) credit for the purchase of concession items for each ticket purchased online.  If the member purchases tickets from another online ticketing service such as Fandango, MovieTickets, or other ticket service provider, the member will not receive any credit for the purchase of concession items for each ticket purchased online. This credit is only applicable for the date indicated on the admission ticket(s). 
  7. MEMBER NUMBER REQUIRED - To earn points, a New Vision Rewards account number be collected at the time of purchase transactions.
  8. POINT REDEMPTION - FLEXIBLE REWARDS COUPONS - At the point where a member's account accrues 10,000 earned points, a reward will be issued for a "Flexible Rewards" credit having the equivalent purchasing power of $5.00 which can be used, at the member's discretion, for admissions, concessions or presentation upgrades, excluding alcohol purchases or gift cards. Unless required by law, accrued points have no cash value and are not transferable.
  9. NON-POINT REWARDS - Members rewards include basic benefits valid for every visit to New Vision Theatres: 1) one size upgrade on popcorn and fountain drink purchase for the member only, 2) free refill on large popcorn and fountain drink purchase during the same visit for the member only, 3) "FREE Movie Ticket" for standard admission on members' birthdays, 4) ANNIVERSARY TICKET consisting of a free movie ticket on anniversary date of membership, 5) double points on admissions to presentations designated as Cinema Events.
  10. "FREE MOVIE TICKET" rewards are not valid for "No Pass Attractions". FREE MOVIE TICKET and ANNIVERSARY FREE MOVIE TICKET are not transferable and are valid for a period of up to 30 days after issue date.
  11. EXPIRATION OF POINTS - If there has been no transaction activity by a member account for a period of 12 months, any point balances in the account will expire.
  12. DORMANT ACCOUNTS - Any member account that shows no transaction activity for a period of 24 consecutive months will be permanently deleted.
  13. MEMBERS ONLY DISCOUNTS, SPECIALS AND PRIZES - From time to time, New Vision Theatres may make additional benefits available to members.
  14. PRIVACY - New Vision Theatres may use personal information provided by members in order to offer benefits such as giving a FREE MOVIE TICKET to members on their birthday or SignUp Anniversary and for general internal marketing and customer research purposes. New Vision Theatres does not sell or share personal information provided by members with third parties, except to the extent that such sharing of information is necessary for internal marketing and research. New Vision Rewards is subject to the overall privacy policy established by New Vision Theatres.
  15. MODIFICATIONS - New Vision Theatres reserves the right to change, alter or discontinue the program and/or rewards structure at any time without notice.
  16. ACCEPTANCE - Completing member registration in New Vision Rewards constitutes acceptance of all current provisions and any change to the Rules in the future.

V 2.0 (Revision Date: August, 2019)

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