Frequently Asked Questions

My Theatre is Part of New Vision.  What Changes will I see?
Your local theatre is now part of New Vision Theatres. Over the next few months, you may notice different signs on the building with more emphasis on the name you naturally think of first related to this theatre. Our focus isn't on a giant corporate brand - it's 100% about you - our neighbors in the community and making local entertainment as enjoyable as can be.

How do I find out what's playing at the theatre now?
The AMC website will no longer list movie titles and show times for this theater. You will be able to find information on Fandango, MovieTickets dot com and other popular online search engines. You can also find movies and show times at our website or get show times and other valuable information automatically by signing up for our weekly newsletter at Within the next few weeks, all New Vision Theatres will also have their own Facebook pages where you can find out what's happening. And there's always the box office phone number. That isn't going to change. 

Will Prices Change?
There will not be any significant changes in prices of tickets or food and beverage items as your theatre becomes part of New Vision Theatres. However, we may introduce special value programs that will reduce the cost of movie going at certain times. In the future, some prices may change based on industry trends and other factors.

What are $5 Ticket Tuesday?
New Vision Theatres are pleased to expand $5 Tuesday Tickets to all our locations. Every Tuesday, all day, regular movie admissions are only $5.00 (plus tax where applicable). There are also extra values on concession items that can let you enjoy a movie with a popcorn and fountain soda for less than ten bucks!

What about gift cards and coupons that I already have?
New Vision Theatres will be able to honor most Gift Cards, Passes and certain Coupons that were issued by AMC or Carmike Cinemas, providing they are currently valid, through July 31, 2017.

Can I still use my Stubs or Carmike Cinemas Rewards card at the Theatre?
Because New Vision Theatres aren't connected with AMC, Stubs and Carmike Cinemas Rewards cards cannot be accepted at the theatre. As a special welcome to our guests, you can pick up a free NEW NEIGHBOR rewards card at any New Vision Theatre. It entitles you to get a free movie ticket - including 3-D, IMAX and other special format shows after you buy five admissions of any kind…including $5 Tuesday Tickets.

Introducing the New Vision Refillable Popcorn Bucket?
It's the popcorn lovers ultimate deal! You can buy our humungous popcorn bucket for $21 and enjoy refills for just $4.25 every time you go to the movies. The bucket value is good though the end of the year. We also provide the same refills if you have a 2017 Carmike Cinemas bucket.

What are these New Entertainment Choices?
Throughout the year, you'll notice that New Vision Theatres is the place where you can enjoy more than movies through our Event Cinema programs. We'll be presenting outstanding performances of Opera and Ballet, shows from Broadway and London, classic and pop Concerts, real time major sporting events, and interactive video gaming…in addition to restored Classic movies, Independent Film, World Cinema, Documentaries and other exciting music and arts experiences.

Can I arrange a private screening or buy group tickets?
Absolutely! We are happy to work with you to arrange private screenings, birthday parties and other events where large groups of people need to gather. Organizations can also purchase our VIP admission tickets which are available in books of 50 tickets. Ask you manager for details and availability.

I still have questions.  Where can I find answers?
Your local theatre manager will be glad to assist you with any other questions you may have. You can also contact us at or by calling (866) 640-9040