8 Best AI Image Generators In 2024

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been dominating the AI industry with text-based results for some time now, but do you know the best AI image generators that provide you with the images you describe?

Everyone goes to ChatGPT to get the answer to their question in the form of text, but only a few people know how to generate images via Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this article, I will provide the right tools to provide you with the most accurate images you would want.

Best AI Image Generator

Best AI Image Generators In 2024:

These are the top AI image generators you can try to create your image from text. Some are free, while you must pay a monthly fee to access others.

1. DALL-E 2:


The DALL-E 2 the best AI image generator that provide you with great images just by providing the right description in a few seconds. This image generator tool is from the same company behind the ChatGPT i.e. OpenAI. This is an updated model from Dalle-E, launched in early 2021, which is way better than the previous version.

Even though it provides excellent images, it isn’t completely free to use. You get 15 credits every month to generate free AI images on DALL-E 2, and If you want more of that, you’ll have to purchase more credits.

To generate 100 images in 1024×1024, you’ll have to pay $20, and the price will vary If you want to generate images in different sizes. The other image sizes available on DALL-E 2 are 512×512 and 256×256. Pick the right size that suits you and generate AI images as much as you want by purchasing the required credits.

Whether you want an AI image for your business or personal use, you can do that with DALL-E 2.

Key Features:

  • Realistic and high-resolution images.
  • Quick response.
  • Multiple image resolutions are available.


  • Delivers high-quality AI images.
  • Users can upload and edit the image as per their preferences.
  • Offers free credits.


  • You have to enter a detailed prompt to get the desired result or else your results will be messy.
  • Accepts the prompts only in English.

Price: 15 Credits every month plus a paid plan for more images.

2. Bing Image Creator:

Bing Image Creator

Bing changed how people used AI when they upgraded their search results with the ChatGPT-like bot a few months back, and later, they launched a new tool, i.e., Bing Image Creator, on Mar 21, 2023. Unlike new Bing, where you have to enroll on a waiting list, there is no such thing on Bing Image Creator, and you can start using it right away after signing in with your Microsoft account.

The Bing Image Creator is powered by DALL-E, which means the results will be similar to the ones you generate on DALL-E. The image quality and period will resemble DALL-E in the Bing Image Creator. You can generate up to 25 images a day after that, it’ll take longer than usual to generate each image. The set by Bing is to prevent it from getting abused.

Bing Image Creator is my favorite AI image generator because of its ease of use. If you are looking for an easy-to-use AI image generator, you should take a look at Bing Image Creator as it delivers excellent AI images in a quick time.

Key Features:

  • Integrated into Microsoft Edge for a great chat experience.
  • Let you create images in chat in the creative mode of a ChatGPT-like bot in search.
  • Powered by Dall-E.
  • No waiting period to test the product.

Price: Free

3. Jasper Art:

Jasper Art

You may already know Jasper as an AI content writer who has gained huge popularity because of the service they provide in August 2022, they launched their new tool called “Jasper Art,” which lets you generate AI images based on your prompt.

With the prompt on Jaspter Art, you can create AI images in styles such as Anime, Cartoon, Illustration, and more. You can also select the moods of the images you want to generate from this tool. Unfortunately, there is no free version to test this product. You must get their monthly subscription plan for $20 to use this tool, and there is no way around it.

Key Features:

  • Multiple styles are available.
  • Create up to 4 images at once.
  • Can use the images for commercial purposes without any royalties.
  • Create unlimited images.
  • Can provide high-quality realistic images.




  • You can generate as many as images you want without any limits.
  • Gives you the flexibility to generate images with multiple styles and moods.



  • No free version.

Price: $20/month.

4. DreamStudio:


DreamStudio is open source AI model that you can use to generate AI images based on your requirement. DreamStudio is developed by Stable UI and is currently one of the best AI image generators you can use for your purpose.

Currently, DreamStudio is in beta, but the results of this AI model are pretty convincing. To generate AI images with DreamStudio, you need to have credits, and by simply signing up, you’ll get 100 credits which you can use to generate up to 500 images for free, but you can do that with only default settings.

You’ll have to purchase more credits to get more powerful, creative, and unique images. You can get 1,000 credits with only a nominal fee of just $10, and to generate powerful AI images, I think it is worth the money.

Key Features:

  • Offers different styles such as Enhance, Photogenic, Digital Art, etc.
  • Let you upload your image.
  • Powered by Stable Diffusion.
  • Free to use.




  • Free limit gives you decent images.
  • Tune the model depending on your purpose.



  • No dedicated app.

Price: 100 Credits Free plus $10 for 1000 credits

5. Midjourney:


If you have been following the news of AI for the past couple of months, you must have Midjourney as it is quite popular for providing the best AI images on the web. To use Midjourney, you have to visit the Midjourney homepage and click on “Join Beta” which will bring you to their discord server, and you can join their community.

Once, you get access to Midjourney, you’ll be given 25 free credits that you can use to generate AI images, and If you want more credits, you’ll have to pay $10 as a monthly fee.

One of the best parts of Midjourney is you can see the work of others that’ll give some idea of how to get the right output from this excellent AI generator.

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Key Features:

  • Generates excellent AI images with simple prompts.
  • Let you collaborate with other Discord users.
  • You can create any image.
  • Easy to use UI.




  • Great output with minimal effort.
  • Docs of their platform give you instructions on how to use it properly.



  • The trial version might be messy due to the many messages from bots.

Price: 25 free credits initially and a $10/ monthly fee.

6. Nightcafe:


If you want to generate terrific AI images without much effort, try it at Nightcafe. I’ll explain to you below why.

Nightcafe comes with a Stable Diffusion algorithm with 3 different models Stable Diffusion 1.5, Stable Diffusion 2.1, and SDXL Beta, the latest model. Each model is better than the previous one, and SDXL beta now provides extremely realistic images, which might shock you.

Without signing up on Nightcafe, you’ll get 5 credits free of cost, and you can generate excellent AI images with these credits for testing purposes. If satisfied with the results, you can get their premium plan.

  • $5.99 will give you 100 credits to create 1240 images.
  • $9.99 will give you 200 credits to create 1640 images.
  • $19.99 will give you 500 credits to create 2840 images.

And the best part?

There will be no ads on any plan while you create your AI images, which might distract you from concentrating on a task.

Key Features:

  • Blockchain support.
  • NFT minting.
  • Doesn’t require any codes.
  • Image editing.




  • Can start generating AI images without any sign-ups.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Provides high-quality images.



  • You need to enter a detailed prompt to get your desired result.

Price: 5 Free Credits plus a paid plan for more credits.

7. Photosonic:


Photosonic is an excellent AI image generator by WriteSonic, a popular AI tool for writing content such as blog posts, social media captions, etc. With the launch of their tool, Photosonic, they are also in the race to become the best AI image generator on the planet.

Like Nightcafe AI, you’ll be getting 5 credits on Photosonic for free, however, you have to log in or sign up with your account details to use those credits and create a sample AI image for you. You also have 2 paid plans for $10 and $25. In the $10 plan, you’ll get only 100 credits; in the other, you’ll get unlimited credits to generate unlimited AI images.

You can create stunning AI images by entering the right input like any other tool on this list. If you are planning to use an AI generator for personal use, you’ll be fine with the free plan or else you may have to opt for the paid plan.

Key Features:

  • Auto face restoration.
  • Watermark-free images.
  • You can remove the background items.
  • Multiple image sizes are available.




  • Outputs are amazing.
  • Affordable pricing for the unlimited versions.
  • Easy to use.



  • Limited free credits might not be sufficient for some people.

Price: Free + Premium plan.

8. StarryAI:


The last AI image generator on our list is StarryAI, which might not be as popular as other options, but it produces great results and is worth considering.

Unlike other AI tools on this list, which are mostly based on the web version, StarryAI mostly works via an app on Android and iOS devices. If you want to generate AI images on the go, this app is for you.

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There are only two things to do, enter the right prompt and select your preferred style. That is it. After that, your AI image will be generated in just a few seconds, and you have to be a little patient during that time.

Just like many apps here, StarryAI also provides 5 credits for free. With their starter plan, you can generate up to 200 AI images for $11.99, which is slightly expensive but not too bad as you can generate images on the go at your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • Generating high-quality AI images quickly.
  • Unlock all Aspect Ratios.
  • Unlimited 4x Upscaling.
  • Bulk Create.




  • Lets you generate AI images on the go.
  • A free trial is enough to give you data about the product.
  • Available on both Android and iOS.



  • The price is slightly on the expensive side.

Price: Free + Premium.

Bonus AI image generators for you:

  • Fotor AI Image Generator.
  • Craiyon.
  • Pixray.
  • MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine.
  • Artbreeder.

If you didn’t like the first 8 AI image generators I talked about, you can use any of these, and I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best free AI image generator?

Some of the best free image generators are Bing Image Creator, DALL-E 2, and Midjourney.
You can use these three free AI image generators to create your own AI image, but as usual, there is a limit on all the free tools, including these. If you want to generate many images, I suggest you go with the paid options to give you great results.

Is Dall-E 2 available to the public?

Yes, Dall-E 2 has been available to the public since September 2022, and anyone can access it.
Before that, you’ll have to join the waiting list to get access to Dall-E, which isn’t the case now.

Is Jasper’s Art free?

Unfortunately, no. You need a paid plan to access Jasper Art.
You need to get at least their basic paid plan to access it.

Is there an AI art generator app?

Yes, StarryAI is one such app you can use to generate AI art on the go.
The StarryAI is officially available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. You don’t have to download it from any third-party website.


There is much practical use of Artificial Intelligence these days; one of them is generating images based on your requirement. Many such tools are available on the web, but not all provide the best results.

I have tried to share the best AI image generators that could deliver high-quality images for free and paid. If you have any other questions related to this topic, do let me know in the comments below and I’ll solve your doubt ASAP. Thanks.

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