Top 16 Apple Watch Games You Can Play in 2023

Want to look for the best online and offline Apple Watch games for your kids or babies we can say that you are in the right spot to get whatever you want. Apple Watches are specially designed to know health and fitness, phone calls, send messages, and else.

Now Apple Watches are also compatible with online and offline speed-paced arcade game applications.

Here some of the games are already you know and played and some games you are entirely aware of them. Take look at the best Apple watch games and how to download and install them on your Apple Watch devices.

Top Apple Watch Games You Can Play

16 Best Apple Watch Games

Before getting into this segment, one question will hunt you that can we play games on an Apple watch? Yes, you can play games on the Apple watches and plenty of games are available for kids, babies, and adults as well.

Here in this section, we are going to explain and introduce you to the best Apple watch games for kids as well as for babies.

1. Classic Snake Game:

As you know Snake games you had played on your android, iOS, and computer devices. But if you want this game to play on your Apple watch yes you can have this game available on your Apple Watch under the My Watch tab straight away.


This game can be played by using your fingertips as you played on your touch screen. Just drag the club of rectangular line boxes and attach this one to the occasionally appearing rectangular boxes. If you are not able to attach the snake line to the upcoming displayed boxes you will get lose the game.

2. 2048 (Puzzle Game):

It is a puzzle game or tiles game you can say anything but will give you 100% entertainment. 2048 is available in classic mode, obstacle, and multiplayer support. You need to move any number of tiles to the same number of tiles and they can merge into one.

If you are tired of playing the game alone you can choose the multiplayer mode which allows other members to join you and continue to play the game.


There are 5 difficulties are available to make numbers like 256, 512, 1024, 2048, and 4096. The auto-match will allow others to join in multiplayer mode. The game depends on how quickly you move the tile nothing but the shortest move to reach the highest score as well.

3. Ping Pong – Watch Retro Game:

Ping Pong game is nothing but a table tennis game and the ball can be traveled from one player across to the opposite player using a rocket. You should play with the system the ball is passing from the system and you have to hit the ball using your Apple watch pin by rotating it clockwise direction and anti-clockwise direction.


Once you have missed hitting the ball passed by the system and the system player will get one point. You will get 75 great levels, 75 colorful levels, endless fun by jumping, alternative app icons, and customization by unlocking the classic arcade game. You will get more fun and fully time-pass game when you are traveling somewhere else.

4. Hit The Island:

A horizontal line is placed bottom of the screen, a pinball traveling 180 degrees on the screen. The pinball hits all over to the right, left, and top, and then hits diagonals and dropped to the bottom. Once it has dropped to the bottom you should block it by a horizontal line.


Make sure that once the game levels increase the pinball revolutions get even faster eventually you wouldn’t catch up it’s not easier than you think. Get this game app from the Apple store on your Apple watch. You can also share your highest score with your friends.

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5. Pocket Bandit:

Pocket Bandit game is a fast-paced and fun puzzle Apple watch game. By using the watch crown of vibration and movement, you can find a good combination. There are more than 100 treasures you will get treasure from each successful heist as well. You will become the heist king, crack the code using the watch crown, and you should react faster than the cop.

Pocket Bandit on apple watches

When you move your watch crown by identifying the vibration level that indicates you are on a good number. To validate the number touch the apple screen. If you choose a good number the safe will be opened.

6. Tiny Armies:

Tiny Armies is a battle game and fast-paced game application for the Apple Watch, you need to swipe the units to get a win over tiny enemies. While playing the game you can encounter mountains, lakes, and forests throughout the battle. The Tiny Armies supports both single and multiplayer around the world.

Tiny Armies on apple watches

If you want to have time pass with your Apple Watch then it is the better battle game to conquest the tiny enemies. You will get this game app from the apple app store for free of cost.

7. Solitaire The Game:

Solitaire is the stack card playing game application for Apple Watch, it has an iOS native design by the way before Solitaire switched to PC and iOS devices it became very popular now it is available in Apple Watches.

The game runs between the user and the system player, cards can be selected alternatively way. You have to pick up the card after the system throws a card.

Solitaire Game on apple watch

If you are first time playing this game you don’t have to worry it is easy to play the game. Daily challenges are there need to complete every day besides that you will find the solution. This puzzle game sharpens your brain and makes you the better player you ever thought.

8. Jellyfish Tap:

Jellyfish tap is another interesting and fun game fast-paced for the Apple watch. With one intelligent and smart tap, you will get the highest score to get to play more levels as well. The vertical lines moving continuously have gaps between the lines. Jellyfish looks like a thick dot symbol while tapping on it you can carry it through the gaps.

Jellyfish Tap game on apple watch

Once you hit the lines you can come out of the game and starts from the beginning level. As long you can keep avoiding the vertical lines with Jellyfish you will get more levels and reach the highest score. The game offers you to share your highest score with your friends around the world.

9. Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games:

Arcadia is an expensive collection of nearly 22 games and those are named RainBowling, FastRun, Yarr, Bricko, Fruity Snake, CandyBall, Mine Hound, Bubble Mania, BadaBoom, Ho Ho Hop, The Claw, Galaxy Invaders, Indian GP, BrickOut, Treasure Map, Replay, Bounce, and much more to play for free on your Apple watch.

Arcadia games on apple Watch

Each game application has its unique style of gaming which includes fun and more entertainment as well. All most all the games you heard could be played on your android, personal computer, and iOS devices. To get all this stuff just go to the App store and discover Arcadia and you will get the list of Apple Watch games precisely.

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10. Nexus Tile:

Nexus Tile Apple Watch

Nexus Tile is a somewhat challenging Apple watch game, straight away you will find the play button to start the game. Once you entered the game you can see levels at the top of the screen. Several blocks will appear on your screen you should clear the boxes as several boxes you have. Blocks will appear in white and green color.

When you move across each level the number of boxes will gets increases and you have to clear the boxes as quickly as you can then only you will get the highest score and move on to the next level. You will get this app from the Apple Watch app store. The more you finish the levels the more you will get extra levels as well.

11. Kepler Attack:

Kepler Attack is an arcade-style game for the Apple Watch, using your crown wheel you can rotate ships, and shoot as many bad guys as you want. While playing the game you can collect power-ups to clear the waves and try to not hit anything crashing into a ship after the waves are cleared.

Kepler Attack on apple watches

Once you have completed the first stage of the game you will receive that stage clear. Automatically you moved on to the next stage, after every stage complete the game becomes more difficult and interesting as well. The game screen contains thick edges that look very nice when you clear the waves and protect the ship not to hit by anything.

12. Chess – Play & Learn:

The chess game is a multiplayer chess game for Apple Watch OS 6 beta. Once you have entered the game you can notice a notification like a challenge created you will be notified when the game starts which means you should wait until you will get a notification from the Chess team. As you know how to play the game when you receive a notification from it you will let allow to play the game with others around the world.


The Chess game supports both online and offline games, play the game with the system offline, and play the game with others online as well. The game may be over within a short period or take a long time depending on the moves you do.

13. Make It Rain:

Make It Rain game depends on the quickly you swipe the Apple Watch screen, you can see dollars on the screen just swipe the screen to see how many dollars you could throw in a certain rate. You can see the score that you have got on the top of the screen related to the number of drops you have done. It seems to be very easy and gentle eventually it could be the hard game because your fingers get pain at the last minute.

Make It Rain-

This one also you will get from the Apple app store for free. Make sure that if you want it you can play otherwise just leave it and go for another interesting app.

14. Magic 8-bit 8 ball:

The game entirely depends on your intelligence and how clover you are while playing the game. Magic 8-bit 8 ball. A potent mixture of the dark mixture, voodoo, sorcery and star anise was all bonded in an 8-ball often it gained the power to answer the questions. Once you get into the game you can see an 8-ball symbol at the top of the screen.

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Just hit or tap on the image you will get answers to questions that you didn’t know about them at all. Make sure some of the time you will get 100% accurate answers and sometimes you won’t. For instance, you can question like does she loves me mentioned her name in the question and you will get the answer for it.

15. Flick Fishing:

If you are very much interested in fishing then you will like this game on your Apple Watch. Once you have selected the game you can see a canal, stick, and a cast to control the fishing stick. You can just press the Cast on the screen and rotate it in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to release the fishing stick to fishing.

Flick Fishing games

Wait for the fishing stick to go out and catch up the fish once it has been caught you just reel it the fishing stick using Cast. If the reel out goes fast that the fish will get away as you feel fishing. Once the fish has been caught up you can see the weight of the fish on the screen and what type of fish you caught.

16. Nuggetz:

Nuggetz Best Apple Watch Games

Nuggetz is a puzzle type of game and also a thinkers game along with a challenging game as well. When you first launch the app you can notice a notification on your screen like Nuggetz pro you have to buy and play on the Apple Watch. After that, you have multiple options to choose from green and yellow in one of them.

After selecting multiple options you have to select the levels such as big or little, if you already have an idea about it select big otherwise choose little. It is challenging for you to keep selecting the colors like yellow, green, red, and blue, or else that results in your score as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to get games on an Apple watch?

Go to the app’s section on the Apple watch, select the My Watch tab out there, and you will get plenty of games to select what game you want to download and install.

Are the best Apple watch games free?

Yes, 100% of Apple watch games are free for its users and they will get them from the My Watch tab.

Which are the best Apple watch games for kids?

Pocket plants, Trivia Track, Bubble Wars, Chess, Snake, Pong, and more are the best Apple watch games for kids as well.

Final Words:

Here in this section, we explained all the best Apple Watch games for kids, as well as babies including some of them, that belong online also. The chess game belongs online you can start playing the game when you will receive a notification. Apple Watch game series 3 also has plenty of Apple Watch games including Pocket Bandit, Tiny Armies, Ping Pong, 8-bit 8-ball, Flick Fishing, and more.

If you are the first time to go play the Apple Watch games you should have to create a passcode first. After creating the passcode for your Apple and then you can be allowed to download or you can play the game online as well. Some of them you can understand to play and some get you in confusion.

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